Isle Utilities - cleantech consultancy


Isle Utilities is a technology and innovation consultancy specialising in cleantech. We have  a proven track record in accelerating the development and commercialisation of emerging technologies through our Technology Approval Group “TAG” – the industry forum that drives innovation. Isle brings together the optimal blend of technical and commercial specialists to help you make the right decision.



Isle’s sector knowledge across water, waste, the built environment, energy and carbon is a valuable resource. This is used to identify technology deal-flow, undertake due diligence, provide market intelligence, and work with investors.  We have extensive in-house expertise in bringing new technologies to market and an established framework to support innovation, technology development, strategy and growth, and investment.



In summary Isle connects start-up companies with end users and investors. This is an important process as many solutions offering significant environmental and cost benefits are pre-commercial technologies that may be 1–2 years from market. Despite the demand for these “step change” solutions, most end-users do not have the financial resources or expertise to identify, source, develop and implement the solutions they need. Typically the technology developer is also resource constrained. For this reason, technology companies often turn to institutional investors for venture capital funding.

Securing investment presents a significant challenge for any technology company who often finds itself with an exciting product – proven on a small or prototype scale – but unable to obtain the funding required for further development. In turn, if funding cannot be secured, the industry loses access to these novel innovations, together with the environmental and economic benefits they can offer.

For a technology company to secure investment it is important to demonstrate both the technical and the market potential.  Isle’s TAG was set up to do just this.  It is an innovation forum that brings only the most promising new technologies to industry. This creates a market pull for these products, provides valuable feedback to help technology companies develop their product in line with the market’s needs, and presents a more viable investment proposition.

TAG was set-up in 2005. Since that time its activities and reach have expanded and it has a track record to be proud of.