BIM for Water Utilities

Discovering the Opportunities of BIM Tools for Water Utilities

Isle Utilities surveyed utilities that use BIM data management, establishing its effectiveness as a tool for a water utility client.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) data management is an increasingly popular infrastructure management tool. BIM allows stakeholders to build and operate projects more effectively through data integration and visualization. It also enhances collaboration among all stakeholders by facilitating communication and coordination. Isle Utilities carried out a survey for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to gather insights from utility peers implementing BIM. The goal was to identify how others were using BIM tools to support their engineering teams. In total, fourteen utility companies were surveyed, including nine international utilities. The insights guided the client in developing data management best practices to enhance collaboration among engineers and internal stakeholders.

Benefits of Approach/Innovation

Benchmarking: Technology scan informed how BIM tools are currently enhancing collaboration between teams in the utilities sector.

Global insight: Provided a comprehensive understanding of utility experiences using BIM tools around the globe.

Specialist Services Involved:

Technology scanning: Leveraged Isle’s extensive expertise and network to discover optimal solutions for BIM for water utilities.

Survey review: Gained deep, industry-specific understanding of BIM strategy, applications and its pros and cons


Identified best practice: Gathered insights on best practices in using BIM throughout all phases of project development and operations.

Pathway to success: Project outlined a path for successful collaboration among engineers and internal stakeholders.

Impartial evaluation: Provided an independent, third-party review.

Key Contacts:

For inquiries and further information, please contact Cristina Ahmadpour


Service Spotlight
Isle undertook a survey review and technology scan for an American water utility to establish the effectiveness of using BIM data management as a tool for efficient water infrastructure management.
Provided global insight of BIM use across utilities
Identified BIM best practice for water utilities
Outlined path for successful stakeholder collaboration
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