System Leakage Management Plan: UnityWater

Enhancing Efficiency with a System Leakage Management Plan at UnityWater, Australia

Enhancing Water Management and Reducing Non-Revenue Water Through a Comprehensive NRW Audit

Unitywater, a major water utility in Australia, faced challenges with significant Non-Revenue Water (NRW), amounting to approximately 10.9% of the imported water from SEQwater. This NRW translated to around $23 million in lost revenue annually. To address this issue, Isle Utilities undertook a strategic initiative by preparing a System Leakage Management Plan (SLMP) to guide Unitywater towards reducing NRW and optimizing water resource utilization.

Benefits of Approach/Innovation:

Comprehensive Plan: The System Leakage Management Plan (SLMP) offers a holistic strategy to minimize NRW by systematically addressing inefficiencies and optimizing operations.
Targeted Reduction: The SLMP outlines recommendations aimed at reducing both real and apparent losses within the water network.
Strategic Investments: The plan directs investments towards areas that provide the best value for money, maximizing the impact on NRW reduction.
Enhanced Reliability: By minimizing failures in service and supply mains, the plan contributes to improved overall system reliability.
Customer Satisfaction: Implementation of SLMP recommendations ensures better service delivery, aligning with customer expectations and service standards.
Environmental Sustainability: The plan’s focus on efficiency and reduced losses contributes to the sustainability of the natural environment.
Drought Management: Improved strategies for drought management strengthen water supply resilience during challenging conditions.

Specialist Services Involved:

NRW Audit: Conducting a thorough assessment of Unitywater’s water management practices to identify NRW reduction opportunities.
System Leakage Management: Developing a comprehensive SLMP to guide Unitywater’s efforts in systematically reducing NRW.
Strategic Direction: Providing guidance and recommendations to optimize investments for maximum NRW reduction impact.


Successful Implementation: UnityWater effectively implemented the System Leakage Management Plan, leading to a significant reduction in Non-Revenue Water (NRW) and a boost in revenue.
Targeted Investments: Investments were directed toward areas that provided the best value for money, optimizing the utility’s operations.
Fewer Failures: The System Leakage Management Plan contributed to a reduction in the number of service and supply main failures, enhancing overall system reliability.
Customer Satisfaction: UnityWater’s commitment to reducing NRW and improving service quality contributed to increased customer satisfaction and adherence to service standards.
Environmental Sustainability: By minimizing water loss and optimizing resource use, UnityWater also improved the sustainability of the natural environment.

Paper on the project achievements presented by Ken Goraya (Unitywater), at Ozwater 2022 and by Gary Wyeth (Isle Utilities) at Water Loss 2022.

Paper also released as an article in The Water Digest eMagazine (March 2023)

Key Contact:

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Gary Wyeth





Service Spotlight
We worked with Australia’s Unitywater to update their System Leakage Management Plan. The project involved reviewing Unitywater’s Non-Revenue Water practices and developing a new 10-year NRW management plan.
Developed comprehensive NRW reduction plan
Identified opportunities to reduce NRW, improve environmental sustainability and drought resilience
Provided guidance to enhance system reliability and customer satisfaction
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