EU-Funded Projects

Amplifying the Impact of EU-Funded Projects Through Strategic Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation Activities.

Since 2016, Isle has participated in nine EU co-funded projects boosting the impact of the projects through effective communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities.

Benefits of Approach/Innovation:

Effective Impact: Enhancing the influence and reach of ninth EU co-funded projects through strategic communication, dissemination, and exploitation efforts.

Expertise Offered: Providing specialised services in communication, dissemination, exploitation, co-development, and stakeholder engagement.

Broad Collaboration: Collaborating with 100+ diverse European organisations, including utilities, industries, technology firms, universities, policy makers investors, and research institutions.

Addressing Key Objectives: Addressing project objectives across various sectors, from wastewater treatment and resource recovery to critical raw material retrieval and CO2 valorisation.

Specialist Services Involved:

Exploitation Strategies: Applying Isle’s expertise to develop business and exploitation strategies for effective project exploitation.

Communication and Dissemination: Leveraging effective communication and dissemination methods to extend project impact.

Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging stakeholders through co-development activities to ensure project alignment with industry needs.

Project-Specific Expertise: Providing specialised services tailored to each project’s unique goals and challenges.


Expanding Expertise: Isle has provided expertise in exploitation, communication, dissemination, co-development, and stakeholder engagement.

Fostering Sustainability: By addressing critical environmental and technological challenges, Isle’s involvement in these projects has played a crucial role in advancing sustainability and resilience in the water and related sectors.

Informing Policy: Isle has contributed to research and innovation in developing, supporting and implementing EU policies while tackling global challenges.

Knowledge Sharing: Isle has actively shared project updates and insights through social media and various communication channels, facilitating knowledge dissemination and collaboration within the industry.

Specific project objections:


INCOVER: Innovative Eco-Technologies for Resource Recovery from Wastewater

50% reduction of overall operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment through the use of wastewater as a source for energy demand and added-value production.
(Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, last project newsletter)


Run4Life: Recovery and utilization of nutrients for low impact fertilizer. 

Demonstrate a decentralised recovery of up to 100% NPK nutrients and >90% of water from separated black water, kitchen waste and grey water.(Website,LinkedIn, Twitter, press release)


PROMICON: Harnessing the power of nature through productive microbial consortia in biotechnology – measure, model, master. 

Steer existing microbiomes to production and generate new synthetic microbiomes inspired by nature to be used for biotechnological production of energy carriers, drop-in feedstocks for the chemical and fuel industry, and functionalized bacterial polyesters for bio-medical applications. (Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, press release)


VIVALDI: Innovative bio-based chains for C0₂ Valorisation as added-value organic aids. 

Reduce bio-based industries greenhouse gases emissions and use as a novel feedstock, lowering the dependency of fossil fuels and importation of these, and reducing exploitation of key resources such as energy, raw material, freshwater and land. (Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, press release)

LIFE Waste2Coag:

Life Waste2Coag: Brine and metal wastes valorisation to produce coagulants for wastewater treatment

Demonstrate an innovative and cost-efficient technology based on the electrolysis of wastes to produce coagulants for the removal of pollutants in urban and industrial wastewaters, including emerging pollutants and pathogens.
(Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, press release)


LIFE GREEN ADAPT: Green and Nature-Based Solutions for climate change-resilient waste infrastructures

Increase the resilience of EU waste infrastructures against climate change by demonstrating the potential of blue-green infrastructures and ecosystem-based approaches.
(Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, press release)

Horizon Europe BATRAW:

BATRAW: Recycling of end of life battery packs for domestic raw material supply chains and enhanced circular Economy

Seeks to develop new technological processes for the recovery of critical raw materials contained in electric vehicle batteries, that will help decarbonise many sectors.
(Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, press release)

Horizon Europe UP-TO-ME:

UP-TO-ME: Unmanned Power To Methanol Production

Capture CO2 from biogas and synthesise to renewable methanol using a fully autonomous, unmanned plant.
(Website, LinkedIn, Twitter, press release)

Key Contact:

Blanca Antizar

LIFE Waste2Coag - Press Release 4

LIFE GREEN ADAPT - Press Release 4

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