Technology Landscape Analysis

Advancing Smart Hydrants: Technology Landscape Analysis and Meaningful Partner Conversations.

To improve their smart hydrants with water quality sensors that could measure free and/or total chlorine, turbidity, and/or ammonia as a priority. Chlorine being the highest priority to advance the smart hydrant space with water quality in real-time.

Our client sought the help of Isle Utilities, for a technology scan for global solutions and to provide a technology landscape analysis. Isle Utilities performed a global scan of 21 technologies that matched the client’s needs and arranged three productive conversations with the most suitable vendors.

Benefits of Approach/Innovation

Enhanced Water Quality Sensing: Expanding smart hydrant capabilities through innovative compatible water quality sensing solutions.

Real-time Data Insights: Enabling operational insights with real-time data for operational insights.

Strategic Partner Collaborations: Facilitating connections with technology companies aligned with our client’s goals.

Targeted Introductions: Arranging direct introductions to potential vendors based on the horizon scan outputs.

Specialist Services Involved:

Technology Scanning: Leveraging Isle’s expertise in technology assessment and global solution identification.

Strategic Partnering: Engaging Isle’s specialists in partner collaborations to identify compatible technology companies and vendors.

Water Quality Expertise: Utilizing Isle’s domain knowledge to prioritize water quality parameters. In this case parameter targeted were chlorine, ammonia, and turbidity.


Meaningful Connections: Successful fostering of three meaningful conversations with prospective partners for our client.

Technology Identification: Identification and assessment of 21 technologies based on agreed criteria, providing our client with a comprehensive overview of potential solutions.

Enhanced Water Quality Sensing: Advancement of our clients’ water quality sensing capabilities.

Operational Insights: Provision of real-time water quality data for operational insights, contributing to improved decision-making and water management strategies.

Collaborative Approach: Utilization of Isle Utilities’ expertise and network to facilitate collaboration and innovation within the water sector.

Potential for Future Partnerships: Creation of a foundation for potential partnerships and technological advancements in the smart hydrant space.

Key Contacts:

Alejandro Toro