PFAS Solutions: Technology Horizon Scan

Advancing PFAS Solutions: From Detection to Destruction

Addressing the pressing need for reliable PFAS monitoring, control, and removal in compliance with the new EU Drinking Water Directive, and additional forthcoming inter/national regulations for various water matrices. Isle carries out a Technology Horizon scan to validate emerging technologies for diverse and practical end-user applications. PFAS approaches and technologies are contextualised with international expert interviews and global best practice case studies. PFAS solutions, investigating, encompass monitoring, as well as removal and destruction technologies. This equips water utilities and industries with robust tools and international experience to develop institutional PFAS strategies, faster.

Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) encompass thousands of synthetic compounds that are ubiquitous in the modern world and have wide applications in manufacturing and consumer products, yet their advantageous physiochemical properties can pose high risks to public health and the environment. Thus water utilities in the European Union will soon be legally required to reliably measure and remove PFAS according to stricter requirements than ever before with the new EU Drinking Water Directive and additional forthcoming regulations, and industry will be impacted as well. New technologies rapidly enter the market but require validation not only of their technical performance but also of their feasibility for end-users.

Benefits of Approach/Innovation:

Comprehensive Insights: Offering a comprehensive understanding of PFAS technologies for various water matrices, from drinking water to waste and industrial water. It aids utilities in addressing impending regulatory demands and developing tailored strategies.

Emerging Solutions: Exploring emerging research and solutions to facilitate utilities in staying at the forefront of PFAS management.
Networking and Knowledge Exchange: Facilitating knowledge exchange among diverse consortium partners, including municipal and industrial end-users, fostering collaboration and insights.

Networking and Knowledge Exchange: Facilitating knowledge exchange among diverse consortium partners, including municipal and industry end-users, fostering collaboration and insights.

Higher TRL Matrix: Delivering a matrix of higher Technology Readiness Level (TRL) technologies suitable for the European and UK market, supporting informed decision-making.

Continual Review Process: Supporting review process of technologies on an ongoing basis for entry into European and UK markets.

Global Expertise: Conducting and compiling interviews with leading global PFAS experts, providing unique insights into the state of the field.

Continued Collaboration: Establishing a quarterly PFAS EU & UK Technical Working Group for ongoing support in keeping utilities updated on PFAS technology and regulatory advancements.

Specialist Services Involved:

Technological Landscape Analysis: In-depth exploration of the state of the art in PFAS technologies across drinking, waste, and industrial water sectors. Providing partners with insights into existing higher TRL solutions for PFAS removal and destruction with diverse working principles.

Emerging Research Examination: Technology Horizon scan of emerging research and solutions in the PFAS field. Empowering partners to stay abreast of cutting-edge advancements.

Networking Facilitation: Fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among a diverse consortium of municipal and industrial partners.

Matrix Development: Creating a matrix of higher TRL technologies suitable for the European and UK markets, enabling informed decision-making and supplier contact.

Expert Interviews: Conducting and compiling interviews with global PFAS experts to offer unique industry insights.
Continued Collaboration Establishment: Setting up a quarterly PFAS EU & UK Technical Working Group for ongoing industry support.

Direct Tech Supplier Engagement: Isle maintains a distinct edge through our direct contact with technology suppliers. This unique advantage ensures that our partners have access to cutting-edge solutions and the latest advancements in PFAS technology suppliers while remaining fully independent.

Continued Collaboration Establishment: Setting up a quarterly PFAS EU & UK Technical Working Group for ongoing water sector and industry support.


Comprehensive Report: Provided a detailed overview of PFAS solution technologies, global case studies, and expert interviews.

Conference Presentations: Presented project findings at prominent water research conferences, including a keynote at the Danish Water Forum’s Annual Water Research Conference (2023) and a utility workshop at the IWE Efficient Urban Water Management Conference (2023).

Established International Working Group: Initiated a quarterly PFAS EU & UK Technical Working Group for ongoing collaboration and Knowledge/experience exchange.

Key Contact:

Lauren Former, M. Sc

Service Spotlight
Alongside case studies and interviews with global experts, we reviewed PFAS remediation technology for European end-users, covering drinking, waste- and industrial water, exploring solutions from sorption to total destruction.
Provided comprehensive PFAS insights; explored emerging PFAS solutions
Facilitated knowledge exchange; established ongoing collaboration group
Delivered matrix of suitable higher TRL technologies
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