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Trial Reservoirs are global programmes that de-risk full scale trials of Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 8-9 technologies and methods in operational environments by enabling a trial that’s free if it fails.

Isle’s trial design and validation expertise is brought to bear by supporting the development of critical success factors and key performance indicators (KPIs) that are mutually accepted by the technology user and vendor prior to each trial, to ensure the trial provides all the data the end-user needs in order to answer the question, “can I implement this?” How does it work?

Funding is provided as an unsecured loan to the technology company to cover trial costs.

If the trial meets its pre-agreed KPIs, the user is obliged to make a meaningful commitment (usually to purchase the technology) and the technology company then repays the funds into the TR.

There are five Trial Reservoirs:

Advanced industrial water treatment solutions addressing resource recovery, emerging contaminants, waste-to-energy, circular economy, and decentralization

Technologies that mitigate climate change through either direct or indirect GHG emissions reduction

Trials for utilities in Brazil who can procure technologies through a Brazilian supplier

Power supply industry technologies that help reduce reliance on non-renewables

Trial has a minority-led utility partner or meets the needs of a disadvantaged community within the trial’s service area. All trials are located in the US.

Benefits of our Trial Reservoir programmes

  • Provides technology companies with access to loans to pay for trials 
  • Enables end-users (such as utilities and private companies) to adopt technology with minimal financial risk
  • Ensures best practice is applied during the trial
  • Ensures implementation after the trial, provided the trial is a success 
  • A rapid and easy application process, with minimal admin

Trial Reservoir Sponsors

The Trial Reservoirs would not be possible without our amazing sponsors:-

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