Nature-Based Solutions Showcase

Showcasing Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for the Water Sector

Isle Utilities hosted a collaborative event showcasing Nature-Based Solutions research, technology and innovation among industry partners.

Nature-based solutions (NBS) are innovative approaches that address social and environmental challenges by harnessing biodiversity and natural ecological processes. NBS offer tangible benefits such as essential services like water purification and carbon mitigation. Working alongside traditional solutions, NBS aim to create sustainable, resilient outcomes for the benefit of both the planet and society. Particularly relevant to the water sector, Isle Utilities hosted an event showcasing Natural Based Solutions for industry partners.

Delegates were introduced to innovative examples from emerging research (TRL 1-3), and early-stage techs (TRL 4-6), through to TRL 7-9 technologies, learn about successful case studies, and engage in discussions about the future of sustainable infrastructure. Examples included PFAS reduction through wastewater wetlands, Blue Carbon service providers and integrated urban water cycle management, among others. Following the showcase, attendees voted on NBS examples to discuss how they might adopt the technology in their own businesses.

The event featured as part of the W-Lab Program for Australia and New Zealand. It brought together water industry members, technology providers, start-ups, research institutes and consultants.

Benefits of Approach/Innovation

Comprehensive insights: Provides insights into the latest advancements in NBS, offering a glimpse into adoptable global technologies and upcoming innovations shaping the future.

Strategic focus: Guides water utility investments in innovation, research and technology adoption through enhanced awareness and evidence-based insights.

Easy-access format: Showcase format allows for inclusive participation, accommodating individuals across various roles to engage in tailored sessions.

Specialist Services Involved:

Technology Advisory Panel (TAP): Isle’s TAP engages water sector professionals in NBS and equips them to find access and information in a collaborative way.

Horizon scan: Isle conducted a technology scan subject to rigorous due diligence. This was complimented by an open call-to-market enabling new and emerging tech companies to put themselves forward in alignment with criteria set by Isle and the TAP.



Learning opportunities: Showcase provides water utilities with valuable insights into industry best practices, new technologies and emerging trends.

Networking opportunities: Closed discussion sessions followed each presentation, allowing utility staff to talk through benefits/limitations of technologies and make connections with their peers.

Immediate applicability: The TAP, tech scanning and knowledge sharing provide insights and product information for immediate application to current projects and challenges.

Key Contacts:

For inquiries and further information, please contact

Dr Kelly Hill.


Service Spotlight
Isle Utilities hosted a showcase of Nature-Based Solutions research, technology and innovation. The event provided insights for how the water sector might adopt NBS technologies in their own businesses.
Offered insights into adoptable technologies and emerging trends
Introduced delegates to NBS examples
Shared industry best practices
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