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Smart Taps Trial Reservoir

Smart Taps Trial Reservoir

Isle Utilities’ Trial Reservoir initiative funded a project that successfully showcased the potential to improve access to clean water in rural communities in The Gambia. The success of this trial holds promise for widespread provision of water globally and in doing so, mitigating inequalities, enhancing health and well-being, and contributing to efforts in addressing climate change.

Technology Landscape Analysis

Technology Landscape Analysis

Isle conducted a technology landscape analysis and facilitated partner discussions to improve our clients’ water quality sensing.

Promoting Innovation in Mexico’s Water and Sanitation Sector

Water Innovation Platform: Mexico

The project was carried out for 12 months in which a diagnosis of the most pressing challenges in the water and sanitation sector was made, followed by a search for technological solutions that could solve them, which were presented and voted by water utilities in Mexico and subsequently presented in 2 TAG events. In parallel, a series of 6 virtual seminars were organized with the aim of promoting innovation in the water sector at the regional level in Latin America.

Pioneering water neutrality strategies, breaking new ground in the UK water sector including water neutrality for development.

Water Neutrality for development

In practical terms this means first reducing demand for water from the new development as far as practicable (targeting 85l/p/d), reusing water, and then offsetting the remaining demand elsewhere within the same region.

Isle provided the client with dedicated resource with expertise in water efficiency, water resources, program management and network operation.

Isle Utilities empowers utilities to learn about informed investment in digital metering with our expert solutions.

Informed Investment: Digital Metering

Isle provides the full range of technology options for digital water metering along with economic modelling of the technology and roll out options, followed by development of a trial plan.

Amplifying the Impact of EU-Funded Projects Through Strategic Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation Activities.

EU-Funded Projects

Isle has a track record getting involved in EU co-funded projects: we capitalise from our extended innovation network, knowledge and experience to deliver high impact projects, increasing your chances to succeed.

Explore how Isle Utilities spearheaded the Water Innovation Platform (WIP) in LATAM, connecting water sector operators with innovative technologies.

Water Innovation Platform (WIP) LATAM

The goal of the WIP was to support utilities in meeting their service delivery objectives by facilitating the incorporation of innovative technologies in target utilities’ operations. The WIP brought together water utility operators and exposed them to potentially relevant technology companies based on service delivery challenges they had pre-identified. WIP facilitated regional dialogues with more than 10 utilities in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico, and Peru.

Smart Device Integration in APAC Utilities

Smart Device Integration: Empowering APAC Utilities

MHC prepared a market entry strategy for an IOT platform company on how they could partner to develop a go-to-market strategy for the APAC utility market

Delving into PFAS management solutions, including a technology horizon scan and global best practices from detection to destruction.

PFAS Solutions: Technology Horizon Scan

Diverse technological PFAS remediation solutions (from sorption to total destruction) in drinking, waste-, and industrial water were critically reviewed for European end-users, complemented by case studies and interviews with leading global experts.

Empowering Water-Related Innovators in the South African Water Industry: Unveiling a Collaborative Project for Successful Navigation

South African Water Innovators Industry Guide

Market size and segmentation, trends and opportunities, and where to find funding. Practical advice on setting up a company, business models and plans and legal requirements for selling to the public sector.

Strategic Sustainability Readiness Framework, designed to facilitate Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI).

Strategic Sustainability Readiness Framework

The project utilised the University of Kwa Zulu-Natal (UKZN) WASH Centre as a case study to develop a framework that would guide institutions/organisations towards excellence – leadership, research and financial.

Water Biosolids Assessment & Technology Scan

Water Biosolids Needs Assessment: Monterey One Water

The independent evaluation of public-private partnerships to finance a biosolids treatment process that is required to discontinue landfilling biosolids and meet statewide legislation.