Informed Investment: Digital Metering

Enabling Informed Investment in Digital Metering Technology for Utilities

In the realm of utilities, achieving an informed investment in digital metering stands as a paramount undertaking. This necessitates a thorough grasp of technology options and a compelling business case to substantiate this transformative venture. Despite digital metering’s enduring presence, the longevity of devices has occasionally fallen short of expectations. Recent technological leaps have heralded a new era of heightened performance, yet this progress also introduces a level of uncertainty surrounding disparities and optimal selections. Boards are looking for confidence in this investment and Isle provides this through our unique combination of technological evaluation and detailed economic modelling.

These projects have empowered utilities with a strategic assessment tailored for the adoption of digital metering. Isle spearheaded this initiative for prominent Australian water utilities including Hunter Water (NSW), Yarra Valley Water (VIC), and TasWater (TAS).

Benefits of Approach/Innovation:

In-depth Technology Insight: Comprehensive scan of 50+ digital metering technology options, evaluating maturity, scalability, market share, and implementation ease.

Strategic Decision Support: Equipping utilities with knowledge to make informed decisions, from field workers to board level.

Holistic Economic Assessment: Offering commercial models, market pricing, and an economic model for full-scale rollout.

Targeted Trial Design: Designing trial plans to validate business cases, test technologies, and manage organizational change.

Specialist Services Involved:

Technology Assessment: Leveraging Isle’s decade-long expertise to perform a thorough technology scan and assessment.

Economic Modelling: Utilizing economic expertise to develop commercial models, pricing insights, and full-scale rollout assessments.

Trial Planning: Designing trial plans aligning with key drivers: business case testing, technology validation, and change management.

Industry Expertise: Drawing on Isle’s extensive industry knowledge, vendor insights, and technology understanding.


Transformational Impact: The initiatives yielded transformative results, providing water utilities with a groundbreaking strategic roadmap for the integration of digital metering.

Empowered Decision-Making: Decision-makers were armed with invaluable insights, empowering them to navigate the digital revolution with confidence.

Pioneering Progress: Isle Utilities played a pivotal role in driving forward the adoption of digital metering, revolutionizing the utility landscape.

Mitchell Dixon (Isle Utilities) has presented on this topic at the Water Loss Asia 2022 and Smart Water Utilities 2023 conferences.

Key Contact:

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Mitchell Dixon

Service Spotlight
Isle provided prominent Australian water utilities with the full range of technology options for digital water metering alongside economic modelling, rollout options, and the development of a trial plan.
Provided digital metering strategic assessment
Provided scan of digital metering technologies, designed targeted trial plans
Roadmapped digital metering integration
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