Alex Cech

Alex Cech (PhD)

Head of Change and Implementation

Asia-Pacific, Sydney

As an Olympian, Alex is an expert on high-performance culture and brings many of those trademark characteristics to her role as Head of Change and Implementation at Isle Utilities. Through her career across start-ups, academia and industry she has experienced first-hand the challenges frequently faced in converting good ideas into commercial opportunities. Her ability to challenge the status quo and see the world from a different perspective have become the building blocks of her success. 

Alex has demonstrated ability to communicate and negotiate with stakeholders at all levels and is highly effective at uniting different groups with a common purpose and then guiding them towards achieving their goals.

In solving our greatest challenges, Alex values the power of collaboratively setting a shared vision to unite diverse stakeholders and deliver maximum impact. 

Alex brings a rare and unique skill set combining intuitive people skills, design-led thinking, high-performance culture and a strong technical background in science and engineering. As a rower, Alex is passionate about the health and access of our waterways and river systems.


  • PhD Science (Biotechnology)
  • BSc (Chemical Engineering)
  • OLY (14th place in the Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls for South Africa at the Beijing Olympic Games 2008)