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By hosting innovation platforms, we curate and present state-of-the-art technologies to address the current challenges faced by water companies effectively.

Unleashing Innovation: The Power of Isle Utilities’ Innovation Hub

Innovation is integral to Isle’s ethos, as we recognize it to be the driving force behind progress. By hosting innovation platforms, we curate and present state-of-the-art technologies to address the current challenges faced by water companies effectively.

The Primary Goals of Isle Innovation Hubs:

An Innovation Hub serves as a physical space where start-ups and scale-ups converge, creating a vibrant ecosystem ripe for collaboration and innovation. Spotlighting future leaders and emerging technologies, and providing a platform for meaningful connections and exposure, is only part of what makes our Innovation Hubs stand out.

Having these Innovation Hubs as part of international Conferences allows attendees to take advantage of workshops and seminars to increase global awareness of their industries’ challenges and solutions, as well as discover the latest advancements, inspiring and empowering professionals to stay ahead of the curve.

Michael Storey, Isle’s Managing Director of Asia-Pacific, explains further:

“Isle Utilities’ innovation hub event serves as a unique platform for showcasing the future of water, highlighting innovative technologies, approaches, and strategies that address pressing challenges and opportunities within the industry. By bringing together thought leaders, innovators, and decision-makers, the event catalyses discussions and drives progress towards a more sustainable and resilient water future.

Overall, Isle Utilities’ innovation hub event distinguishes itself through its specialised focus on the water industry, a curated showcase of innovations, an international audience, opportunities for connection and engagement, and a unique platform for shaping the future of water. These features combine to create a dynamic and impactful event that contributes to driving innovation and progress within the water sector, and most importantly – it’s a fun place to be!”

Benefits of Innovation Hubs for Technology Companies:

For start-up technology companies operating at readiness level 7, navigating the landscape to reach their target audience can be daunting. Whether it’s grappling with questions about how to validate your delivery, removing obstacles the end-user might have or how to effectively communicate with them, conferences provide great platforms to find solutions for these issues. Adding to that, the financial constraints of setting up a tradeshow booth at a bustling conference might seem insurmountable.

However, by aligning with Isle Innovation Hubs, these costs are minimised and technologies gain an incredible spotlight, as well as, invaluable peer support. As a trusted partner to many in the water utility sector, Isle’s stamp of approval offers a seal of credibility. Clients recognize and respect our expertise in sourcing and presenting relevant and strategic technological innovations geared toward accelerating progress.

Moreover, participation in our Innovation Hubs opens doors to networking opportunities and engagement with industry professionals and stakeholders. Through facilitated connections, start-ups can exchange ideas and forge meaningful collaborations. Additionally, our Innovation Hubs provide a platform to showcase products and services, facilitating market access and commercialization.

Isle Insights:

If you are a technology innovator new to industry conferences, here are some valuable tips to get you started:

  • Research who will be at the conference:
    It’s often possible to obtain an attendee list for the conference you will be attending. It’s a valuable tool to be able to identify who you would like to network with.
  • Tell people you are going:
    Let people know that you will be attending / speaking at an event, either directly or through your social media channels.
  • Sign up to events:
    Many conferences have pre and post-drinks events; these are key to building networks and getting to know your potential clients in a relaxed setting.
  • Bring a prototype (if feasible):
    Having something with you that enables you to stand out in a crowd, or can be used as a talking point is always valuable.
  • Marketing Opportunity:
    Take lots of photos while you are there, and highlight and tag those you met and want to continue the conversation with on your social media platforms.
  • Introductions:
    Ask the helpful people at Isle Innovation Hubs to help make the introductions for you.

Get Conference Ready:

If you need a guide into the UK’s water sector, go check out this video to help your preparations and save you hours of research:


Contribute to Water Utilities Sector Advancements:

Look out for our Innovation Hubs at events this year for insights into emerging trends and innovations shaping the future of technology solutions.

If you want to know more about sponsorship opportunities at IWA in Toronto between 11th to 15th August, 2024. For more information about Innovation Hub Sponsorship opportunities please contact Kelly Hill.

We will also be running the ACE24 Innovation Hub at Anaheim (California, USA) between the 10th and 13th of June, 2024. Sponsorship and Exhibit opportunities are also still available. Exhibit prices increase April 8th, please learn more about them here:  ACE24 Exhibit/Sponsors Opportunity  or contact us for more information.


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