Former Isle Utilities Intern Recognized as Top Future Leader in Australia

We’re thrilled to spotlight the remarkable achievement of one of our own former interns, Izabella Lloyd-White. Izabella has recently been honoured as one of the GCTop100 Future Leaders in Australia and has clinched the prestigious Top 100 Future Leaders Rio Tinto IT award.


Rio Tinto Awards
Rio Tinto Awards: Izabella Lloyd-White


We caught up with Izabella, who graciously shared insights into her journey and the pivotal role Isle Utilities played in her professional development.

What was it like stepping into the world of Isle Utilities?

Izabella Lloyd-White (ILW): Exploring water innovation, chemistry, and biotechnology felt like stepping into uncharted territory. Despite my academic background not directly aligning with this field, my Commerce and IT degree equipped me with fundamental skills in consultancy and stakeholder management. Over time, interacting with clients, including major players like Sydney Water and the City of Gold Coast, became second nature. Terms like “biosolids” and calculating the difference between dry and wet pellets in tonnes gradually became familiar parts of my vocabulary.

How did your time at Isle Utilities influence your decision to apply for the Rio Tinto IT award?

ILW: Winning the award prompted reflection on my choice of the Rio Tinto IT award category for my Top 100 Future Leaders application. This decision stemmed from my familiarity with the organisation, thanks to Isle Utilities’ remarkable accomplishments. Exposure to Rio Tinto’s projects and firsthand experience witnessing Isle’s innovative solutions sparked genuine curiosity about Rio Tinto’s IT initiatives, motivating me to explore deeper and consider how I could contribute to the progress in this field.

How did Isle contribute to your supporting your career and professional growth?

ILW: My time with the Isle team in Australia was nothing short of transformative. I absorbed invaluable lessons and skills, offering new insights and growth opportunities each day. On my last day, Alex Cech, an incredible mentor and then-boss, shared wisdom that has stuck with me ever since: “You can do anything, but you don’t have to do everything.

Finally, any advice or insights you would offer individuals contemplating an internship opportunity with Isle?

ILW: Here’s my advice to those considering interning at Isle Utilities: Embrace every opportunity to learn and grow in the dynamic environment. Stay proactive, curious, and ready to tackle challenges head-on. Here at Isle Utilities, seeking assistance isn’t just encouraged—it’s celebrated as a strength that fuels its collaborative spirit.


We extend our sincerest gratitude to Izabella Lloyd-White for sharing her inspiring journey with us. Izabella’s dedication, resilience, and passion for excellence serve as a shining example for aspiring interns and professionals alike.

We congratulate her once again on her well-deserved recognition as one of the GCTop100 Future Leaders in Australia and for securing the prestigious Top 100 Future Leaders Rio Tinto IT award. We are immensely proud to have been a part of your journey.

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