Cristina Ahmadpour

President and Managing Director (Americas)

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Cristina is a consultancy executive specializing in emerging technologies and innovative best practices in the water sector. While most of her career has been working with utilities and technologists, Cristina has managed projects from inception to delivery that required collaboration with contractors, engineering consultants, treatment plant operators, manufacturer sales representatives, electric utility representatives, industry associations, etc. Through this experience, Cristina has developed a strong network of trusted relationships with varying stakeholders and has established a unique competency in the commercial, technical, and regulatory aspects of the industry.

Cristina is the President of Isle Inc. and serves as Managing Director of Isle’s Americas business. She leads a team that supports the most progressive water utilities in their interest to identify, evaluate, and engage best-available solutions that drive value to their services and business operations. Facilitating an assessment of needs and identifying solutions that respond to top priorities has been an integral part of how she works with water utility leaders today.


She graduated (summa cum laude) from Vermont Law School with a Masters in Environmental Law, emphasis in Energy, and received her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, emphasis in Global Business Management, from California State University.