Trial of the The Andzac Aerator at Goulburn Valley Water, Australia

Trial of the The Andzac Aerator at Goulburn Valley Water, Australia

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A TAG+ workshop was run by Isle Utilities on the 17th May 2013 in partnership with the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) and the Australian Department of Industry. The objectives of this workshop was to provide Australian SMEs with a direct connection to their potential customers in the municipal water sector in order to better understand their customer’s needs and gain feedback about their technology’s value proposition. Andzac was one of the presenting companies and we are delighted to announce the completion of a successful trial and impending sale of their technology, as detailed in the testimonial here.

Testimonial by Nathan Epp, Senior Engineer ‐ Energy & Commercial Projects at Goulburn Valley Water:

“We originally specified two floating jet-venturi aerators to replace a single 30 kW traditional low-speed mechanical (LSM) surface aerator at Tatura WMF; due to the fact that the original aerator had failed and we needed something straight away we used Andzac’s test unit on an 8 metre cable only about four metres from the bank (in a 1.5 ha lagoon!). We noticed the difference within just a few days. After running the single 2.2 kW Andzac test unit for a few weeks (correctly positioned) we ran a trial that showed we were getting similar COD results to the parallel lagoons (each with 30 kW aerators running 24/7) with significantly higher DO – average >2 mg/l compared with <1 mg/l in the parallel lagoons. As the second Andzac unit wasn’t really needed at Tatura we installed it at Kyabram WMF where an old 11 kW LSM aerator had failed. Given the size of the lagoon (57 ML, 3 ha) we were planning to operate the 2.2 kW Andzac unit in parallel with the other (operational) LSM for enhanced mixing; after a week or so we ended up switching off the LSM aerator as our DO was well over 2 mg/l. In all we’re looking at saving over 600,000 kWh/y in aeration at both sites (around $80k p.a. all up). The one thing that has made this easy for us is how accommodating Andzac Water Treatment has been through the whole process – nothing has been too much trouble and Andrew has been available at the drop of a hat. Similarly, generously allowing us to test the technology risk-free has really made this an attractive proposition.”