Lourdes O’Farrell (PhD)

Head of Industrial Consultancy

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Lourdes has over 10 years of international experience working in the environmental and wastewater sectors across multi-functional groups. She is experienced in the full development cycle of wastewater projects having worked on lab & pilot scale research up to full implementation and operation of a wastewater treatment plant. Her expertise lies in wastewater treatment, industrial process design and clean technologies. During her research career in both academic and private sectors, she focused on assessing and improving the biogas yield from the anaerobic digestion of various wastewaters and sludges in order to increase energy recovery and reduce waste. Prior to joining Isle, she worked as a R&D scientist optimising the treatment process of several pulp and paper mill wastewater plants. Her previous experiences also involve environmental consultancy in water and waste management projects, environmental impact assessments and head of operations of a SABMiller wastewater treatment plant. Within Isle, Lourdes has managed a range of consultancy projects which include water management & reduction assessments, technology evaluations, market entry analysis, trials, and innovation workshops for utilities, industrial clients and international financial institutions.


Double PhD Cum Laude, Chemical Engineering.

Double MSc, Environmental Technology.