Alice Giaccone

Technology Consultant

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Alice is graduated in Environmental Sciences at University of Pisa, Italy, in 2012, with master thesis activities carried out at Laval University, Quebéc, Canada, on restoration techniques to improve the water quality of eutrophic lakes. In 2014, she got a Postgraduate Specialization in “Design of treatment plants for environmental risk control” from the University of Catania, Italy, with a special focus on innovative technologies for polluted aquifers’ remediation.

She worked for 2 years in the field of lab analysis of environmental matrices, and, after that, she worked for 7 years as Service and Sales Engineer for a global industrial water company, especially for middle-market and heavy industries water treatment. She took care of customers (power plants, automotive, pharma, food&amp, beverage, general manufacturing) for process’ optimization, chemicals dosage and equipment management, also trough remote monitoring, to improve plant efficiency and plant lifetime, energy and water savings KPIs. She also got a solid experience in improving and implementing processes of Asset Management for water supply systems in Italy.

In Isle Alice is Technology Consultant for Asset Management and TAG projects.