Isle and ThinkPlace have partnered to deliver WSAA's Technology Innovation Program in Australia and New Zealand! A specialist network leveraging emerging technology to secure the future of the water industry.

W-Lab is a network of water experts and industry stakeholders leveraging technology to secure the future of the industry. To-date 34 WSAA members have signed on to the W-Lab program.

Our vision is to create a confident and secure water industry empowered by emerging technology.

W-Lab aims to bridge the gap between emerging technologies and the water utilities by leaning on our network’s experience and knowledge to inspire confidence. Each water utility’s individual challenges are, of course, unique – however, experience shows us that many of these challenges are also shared by others in the industry, from the smallest to the largest organisations. Because of this, the most strategic way to solve them is through industry-wide collaboration and knowledge sharing.

We’re guided by a Technology Roadmap – co-created by the network which identifies where the key challenges to the industry lie. We then match those challenges with expertly filtered and assessed technologies and solutions from around the world. This process empowers our network to make confident decisions for their organisation’s future.

Our Members to date:

W-Lab has four Stages…

  1. Ideate. Working with utilities, their stakeholders and customers, we identify key challenges as well as their goals for the future.
  2. Incubate. We put the call out to market for solutions. Our team of experts then filters and assesses existing and incoming ideas and technologies.
  3. Accelerate. We help the network build a business case for these solutions, determining their value in relation to their own organisation and the industry as a whole.
  4. Communicate. Via reports, face-to-face meetings and webinars, we share the detail of the technology solutions to the network and, as appropriate, connect them with the technology providers themselves.

W-Lab Technology Frames

What is a technology frame?

Each technology frame is like a different lens to the challenge. While they can’t be separated entirely, they ensure we look at the technology challenge from different perspectives, adding to the richness of the solutions we’ll produce.​

How do we use a technology frame?​

There will be a ‘LaunchPad’ for each technology frame. We will break down the challenge into opportunity spaces and specific areas to focus on. This will aid in producing various solution ideas. ​

The four technology frames

There are four technology frames providing a different lens to the challenge, though they
are all connected:​

  1. A “Customer” lens. What do our customers want from us now, and in the future? What do we see happen in other industries?
  2. An “Enterprise” lens. As utilities, what can we do to work as efficiently as possible, make the best decisions, providing engaging work to our workforce?
  3. A ”Flows” lens. Water flows from its source to the sea. How can we make sure we extract maximum value as we change the linear flow into a circular one?
  4. A “Nature” lens. We are nature. How do we ensure we tread lightly, preserving our climate, environment and biodiversity?

W-Lab Calendar