Winners - Innovate@IWS, Abu Dhabi 2017

Winners - Innovate@IWS, Abu Dhabi 2017

Monday, 16 January 2017

This week Isle partnered with the Abu Dhabi International Water Summit where we showcased our Isle “Innovation Pavilion”. We hosted a series of techtalks and Innovation Competitions throughout the three days. This Innovate@IWS competition showcased the best of the best in the world of water technology. We hosted three competitions covering Municipal, Industrial and Real Estate innovations respectively.

It would be impossible to do justice to all of the technologies at the IWS, because you bounced from one mind-blower to another. There was an aeration process that ‘super oxygenates’ water, enabling not only a step change in wastewater treatment but also offers a 15% saving in carbon when the super-oxygenated water is used to cure concrete ( Or, a low-water-usage shower developed out of the NASA ‘Mission to Mars’ space program ( The holistic microcosm treatment process that wraps a whole ecosystem into a space not much bigger than a stamp ( The water conditioner that has no moving parts and uses no chemicals and has a payback of months. The amount of energy this simple device could save is truly ground breaking (

These technologies, along with all the other innovative competitors and exhibitors, are all winners in their own right in their respective fields. According to one of the judges, Shadi Hasan of the Masdar Institute,

“The level of innovation was set to a high standard from the technology continuous improvements, to breakthrough innovations which would play a key role in the water industry in the near future”

Our judges were tasked with selecting a winner in each category. The Municipal award was taken by New Sky Energy ( for their gas sweetening technology that will revolutionize the treatment of hydrogen sulphide. The Industrial winner was Saltech B.V (, a Dutch
technology that can treat high salinity water in a low energy, single step process. And the Real Estate winner was WaterBlade, an astonishingly simple water saving device that uses 10% of the water from aconventional tap yet gives a gloriously luxurious handwashing experience (

Congratulations to all of them.

Competitors and Winners at Innovate@IWS
Competitors and Winners at Innovate@IWS

For a full overview of the technologies presented at IWS please go to the story link below,