Water technologies showcase for the advancement of environmental protection at IE Expo, China

Water technologies showcase for the advancement of environmental protection at IE Expo, China

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The 3rd edition of the Innovation program at IE Expo China, Shanghai May 4-6, 2017

Isle is proud to announce the 9 International Innovative technologies that will participate in the Innovation program held during the IE Expo China 2017 (May 4-6) in Shanghai. The
theme for this year’s innovation program is ‘The most cutting edge water technologies for the advancement of environmental protection in China’.

For more information about Innovation program please go to https://www.ie-expo.com/conference/Innovation.

To register as a delegate, please send an e-mail before April 20th to annelies.schenk@isleutilities.com

Selected technologies for the Innovation pavilion & forum China:

New Sky Energy - New Sky’s SulfurCycle-R (SCR) process is a breakthrough gas sweetening technology that dramatically lowers the cost of H2S treatment, providing wastewater plants and landfills strong economic incentives to pursue renewable natural gas projects – www.newskyenergy.com

Biocleaner - The BioCleaner system employs a unique modular and portable system that enables a single step process to eliminate odour, sludge, ammonia, nitrogen and phosphorus. Using no chemicals, their Bio Safety Level 1 microbes always provide good results with a risk free impact – www.biocleaner.com

The Hydro-dis® system - a proven unique water disinfection technique that uses the electro catalytic break down of water to instantly destroy waterborne micro-organisms including micro-flora, while simultaneously converting chloride ions into chlorine leaving a measured residual disinfection in the treated water - www.hydro-dis.com.au

Arvia™ - offers a unique and cost effective treatment process for the destruction of aqueous toxic organic contaminants to the water sector and industries. It achieves this with its patented innovative technology, the Organics Destruction Cell (ODCTM) - www.arviatechnology.com

Reali Technologies - is an Israeli leader and one of the world pioneer companies in IOT (Internet of Things) since 2007. It provides cloud-based real time operational & managerial solutions, named RealiteQ, for water, waste water, energy, agriculture & industry since 2009. - www.RealiteQ.com

Nanostone Water’s CM-151TM ceramic ultrafiltration membrane module - It comprises near-inert ceramic materials and specifically selected non-ceramic materials in a unique design and world class manufacturing technology to provide the most reliable, robust, and easy to operate membrane with the lowest total cost of ownership. - www.nanostone.com

Aquastill - is a unique concept which combines natural processes, advanced materials and state-of-the-art production techniques to provide a low-cost solution for one of the world’s greatest needs: purified water. www.aquastill.nl

Utilis- has developed a unique technology for leak detection in urban drinking water distribution networks. Based upon the same technology used to look for water on other planets, Utilis analyses satellite imagery to detect leaks in underground infrastructure - www.utiliscorp.com

Waterworks of Pulawy Ltd - Product innovation Usable pattern - methodology of implementation of integrated management system of enterprise technical infrastructure” and inventionsin the field of water supply monitoring - www.mpwik.pulawy.pl/aktualnosci-innowacyjna-gospodarka.html

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