Unique Emerging Technologies at the 2016 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Brisbane

Unique Emerging Technologies at the 2016 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Brisbane

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Unique Emerging Technologies at the 2016 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Brisbane

Wednesday October 12, 2016, IWA, Brisbane, Australia

The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2016 was held in the vibrant and dynamic city of Brisbane Australia. The IWA established four days of critical debates and forums to talk about topics that shape the future of water. One very important topic according to platinum sponsor of this year’s event, Xylem, is emerging technologies that may bring transformational change to water. Isle was proud to set up a stage for Emerging Technologies & Innovation, in which breakthrough water technology companies were connected with over 5000 partners, delegates and investors.

The TAG Competition was spread over three days and featured presentations from innovative technology companies (Liquid Integrity Systems, LG Sonic, MetaFLUSH, RedEye, Emefcy, GeoInteractive, Memfree, UVS Trenchless Technology and Hydro-dis), followed by questions, analysis and debate involving both the audience and a jury panel. The Judges in the jury were experts in the water Industry such as Industry General Manager, Utilities of John Holland Water, Mal Shepherd who commented “John Holland was very proud to have sponsored the Emerging Technologies & Innovation Program & Pavilion. We have a strong commitment to providing our clients with innovative solutions.” Mal said: “At the World Water Congress, there had been significant discussion on sustainable development goal No 6 targets, water scarcity and operational efficiency in the water sector. To address these issues necessitates investments in innovation and technology.” Mal continued to say “research showed that the world will face a net 40% deficit in the water balance by 2030. Innovative solutions provide a pathway to restore the global water imbalance via more efficient use of our water resources. Globally we have seen an underinvestment in innovation and technology, and the Emerging Technologies and Innovation Pavilion is a platform for emerging technology developers to pitch their solutions. We have seen the pitching of a broad spectrum of innovative solutions that are approaching or have been commercialized and some of these solutions are already changing the way in which we will think about addressing challenges that we face regarding water in the future.”

Brian Krishna, Sales & Industry Marketing Director – Oceania of Xylem agreed by saying: “Innovation sits squarely at the core of what we do. We recognize that to deliver truly compelling solutions in a constantly changing environment, we need to apply an innovative mindset across the whole value chain, not just to the physical technology. We’re proud to have been part of discussions contributing to this over the past few days, specifically addressing new ways of thinking about products, services, processes and business models.”

After three intensive days of presentations, pitches and networking. Isle was proud to announce the recipients of the daily Emerging Technologies & Innovation Awards 2016. Day 1: GeoInteractive Day 2: MetaFLUSH and Day 3’s winner: Liquid Integrity Systems who said that after winning the award a lot of new people engaged to congratulate them and wanted to know more about the technology. Kelly Keates of Liquid Integrity Systems: “Without the pavilion we would never had this opportunity”.

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