Isle launches it’s Innovation Forum. A chance to share ideas, problems and solutions.

Isle launches it’s Innovation Forum. A chance to share ideas, problems and solutions.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Innovation Forum

There are many emerging issues being faced by water companies that do not have tried and tested solutions. Through collaborating with experts globally, we hope to bring key participants together to discuss ideas through the forum and hold workshops to ultimately produce some innovative solutions which can be trialled.

We want a diverse range of people with expertise in various aspects of catchment management, treatment and power generation from an operational, scientific, engineering or strategy background. Only with this can we expect a wide range of experiences, ideas, and opinions.

The open nature of the forum means that all the content will be available for all participants to view. This will allow all contributors to learn more about the problems, and participate in discussions about any suggested solutions. After a set period of time we will invite key contributors to participate in workshops to follow up discussions.

Crowdsourcing ideas in an open, collaborative way will bring new insights in to these problems impacting our businesses. By bringing in not just water utilities, but suppliers, academics, and consultants, we hope to broaden the conversation to see these problems from different angles.

The first two forums we have built tackle the issues of algae and invasive species. These are two emerging issues in the water sector with a number of methods for prevention, management and removal. We hope to develop further forums targeting other emerging issues once our current forums are a success.

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