Meet the Team – Sean Daykin, Head of Mining

‘Meet the Team’ series featuring Sean Daykin, Head of Mining.

We are thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Sean Daykin, who has recently joined us as the Global Head of Mining. Sean brings a wealth of experience and expertise in water resources and mining, having worked across diverse regions such as Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

A Background Rooted in Water Resources:

Sean’s professional journey has been grounded in water resources management, covering a broad spectrum including energy and power, major infrastructure, and contaminated land management. His vast experience uniquely positions him to lead our initiatives in the mining industry, fostering innovation and sustainability.

Sean Daykin

Isle’s Commitment to Technology and Solutions:

At Isle, our core purpose is to accelerate the uptake and adoption of emerging technologies and solutions. Sean will play a pivotal role in driving this mission forward, particularly in the mining sector. His focus areas include better environmental and social outcomes, digital transformations, clean energy transitions, and achieving operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Key Contributions to the Mining Industry:

Sean has already made significant strides in the mining industry, particularly in areas such as mine closure, water management, water resource stewardship, and resource recovery. Notable projects include managing an R&D portfolio for a major mining client, focusing on mining-influenced waters, mine closure, tailings management, and resource recovery.

Addressing Challenges with Innovative Solutions:

One of Sean’s teams ongoing challenges is managing an initiative that aims to recover rare earth elements from tailings. This not only supports the clean energy transition but also creates a valuable revenue stream during mine closure. Through a meticulous process of horizon scanning, evaluating emerging technologies, and implementing change, Isle is at the forefront of addressing environmental and social challenges in the mining industry.

Connect with Sean:

Sean invites all stakeholders in the mining community to reach out. Whether you want to learn more about Isle’s initiatives in the mining sector or discuss specific challenges you’re managing, Sean is eager to engage in meaningful conversations.

We look forward to the valuable contributions and innovations that Sean will undoubtedly bring to our organization and the broader mining community.

Sean Daykin

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