Ignaz Worm publishes in Elsevier’s Journal of cleaner production

Not wanting to be outdone by Tim Day in his most recent publication feat, Ignaz Worm, MD of the EU office wrote an article about bridging the gap between water utilities and suppliers of innovative technology, the Technology Approval Group

The more forward thinking water and wastewater utilities and industrial water users are contributing actively to the development of innovative technologies. But the basic values of utilities and industries, continuity, limitation of risks, and cost efficiency can be conflicting with the essence of testing and applying innovative technologies, at least on the short term. The Technology Approval Group (TAG) identifies and preselects the most relevant innovative technologies, for over 150 municipal and industrial TAG-members worldwide. Members share risks and costs of testing, thus allowing suppliers of innovations to gain their first references and enter the market. Water utilities and industries, at the same time, need this these technologies to be more efficient, limit environmental impacts, comply with increasingly stringent legislation and meet with the continuously changing customers’ demands and expectations.

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