Trial Reservoir

The Trial Reservoir is a new source of funding to accelerate the adoption of technologies which can help the water sector achieve carbon neutrality.

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The Reservoirs

Isle has launched four new initiatives with the aim of accelerating the adoption of technology within multiple industries. The Reservoir initiatives present technology companies with a pool of funding available for pilot trials, presenting a risk free opportunity to enhance the future of its sector whilst spearheading the journey to carbon neutrality.

Benefits of our Reservoir programmes

· Provides technology companies with access to trial funding

· Enables utilities (such as water utilities and energy companies) to adopt technology with minimal financial risk

· Ensures best practice is adopted during the trial programme

· A rapid and easy application process, with minimal admin

Since the end of 2021 Isle have launched four different reservoir initiatives:

· The Climate Change Trial Reservoir

· The Brazil Trial Reservoir

· The Energy Reservoir

· The Industrial Reservoir

These initiatives all follow a similar method to achieve their individual goals.

They provide a reservoir of funding to technology companies looking to embark on pilot trials, with the aim of bringing us closer to carbon neutrality within one of the reservoir industries (water, energy, industrial).

Firstly, a technology company will express interest in a potential pilot trial, and end-users supporting the trial commit to adopting the technologies if pre-agreed outcomes are achieved, ensuring a return on investment. Once the necessary setup steps have been taken, the technology company will receive a pot of funding from one of the four reservoir initiatives (depending on which industry the trial is related to).

If the trial is successful the technology company will pay the loan back to their reservoir initiative, however, if the trial is unfortunately unsuccessful the loan will be written off. The repaid investments of the successful trials are recycled for new pilot trials to take place, ensuring continuous innovation!

Let’s take a closer look at these four reservoir programmes.

The Climate Change Trial Reservoir

The Climate Change Trial Reservoir is the first reservoir programme launched by Isle in November 2021. Since its release, the initiative has funded five trials overall with four being successful and currently contributing to the aim of carbon neutrality through vast energy reductions as a result of their innovative technologies.

Trial Reservoir successful trials

· eWATERservices

· Advantageous Systems

· Orege

· Transcend and Xylem

The Trial Reservoir would not be possible without our amazing sponsors and supporter

Trial Reservoir Sponsors and Supporters

The Brazil Trial Reservoir

The Brazil trial reservoir is a new initiative following the vast success and positive feedback from the Climate Change Reservoir. Launched by Isle in December 2022 the Brazil Trial Reservoir provides a reservoir of funding to commercial-stage technology companies, allowing them to undertake pilot trials within Brazilian water utilities.

The Brazil trial Reservoir not only presented a new advanced opportunity for innovation research but also a partnership between the Innovation Laboratory of the inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB Lab) who are co-funding this initiative.

The IDB Lab, a Brazil Reservoir Sponsor
The IDB Lab, a Brazil Reservoir Sponsor

The Energy Reservoir

The Energy Reservoir follows the same loan funding principles as all reservoir initiatives. This funding is available to innovative commercial-stage technology companies looking to enhance and scale new technologies to advance the energy sector. Sponsored by the UK Power Network the Energy Reservoir is a way to accelerate the adoption of new technologies in the energy industry.

UKPN, an Energy Reservoir Sponsor
UKPN, an Energy Reservoir Sponsor

The Industrial Reservoir

Trial Reservoir sponsor Xylem has partnered with Isle to create a new reservoir initiative accelerating the adoption of innovation in industrial water and wastewater treatment. The focus is on Advanced Industrial Treatment solutions addressing resource recovery, emerging contaminants, waste-to-energy/circular economy, and decentralisation. The Industrial Reservoir follows the same loan funding principles, specifically focusing on areas of technology around advanced industrial treatment.

Xylem, a sponsor fo the Industrial Reservoir
Industrial Reservoir Sponsors