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The Isle Technology Platform is a one-stop resource for innovative water, waste and energy technologies.

Are you looking for an innovative technology to address a business need? Perhaps you are seeking investment opportunities?

The Isle Technology Platform contains a vast selection of technologies across multiple sectors and product categories. The entries can be viewed as marketing summaries which provide concise, business friendly descriptions of the technology, links to further information, relevant contact details and status updates. In addition users have access to gigabytes of extra content created by technology companies that is not in the public domain. Technologies of interest can be contacted directly using the listed details; alternatively, call Isle for a more in-depth briefing.

With access you can benefit from Isle’s extensive expertise of technology search and evaluation with just a few clicks. Every technology has been contacted directly by Isle and subjected to our rigorous due diligence procedure before inclusion. All entries are crafted by Isle Technology Specialists to present the critical details in a short, digestible format, without the marketing hype.

With succinct, easily accessible summaries, specific contact details, access to exclusive material and regular updates, this is the best place to find new water, waste and energy technologies online.


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