The Technology Approval Group (TAG) is a global innovation forum of the world’s leading water utilities, which was first launched in the UK in 2005. Over the years, TAG has expanded further into Europe, to Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, Brazil, South Africa, and to North America in 2011. Since the first US TAG in California, it has grown to eight established TAG regions across the US: Northeast, Texas, Midwest, Southeast, Pacific Northwest, and three others in the western US. Over 70 innovative and forward-thinking US water and wastewater utilities are members of the US TAG forums.

The foundation of TAG is our strong relationships with end users: understanding their day-to-day challenges, long-term goals, and innovation needs allows Isle to target technological solutions to bring to TAG. Occurring three times per year per region, TAG meetings provide an opportunity for our utility members to collaboratively review emerging technologies, leading to technology demonstrations and collaborative trials to support commercialization.

More and more utilities are attending TAG meetings: the dynamic is one of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and enthusiasm to implement change and improvement through new technology solutions.

To learn more about TAG US, please contact Amelia Mioranza at amelia.mioranza@isleutilities.com.

TAG US Members