TAG Europe

European TAG (Technology Approval Group) has been a mainstay for the European water sector since its emergence in 2005, connecting end-users from across the continent with technological solutions to meet their innovation needs.

Meeting every four months, European TAG members review emerging technologies, leading to demonstrations, collaborative trials and the attraction of external investors. The dynamic at the meetings is one of collaboration, knowledge-sharing and enthusiasm to implement change through new technology solutions.

Since European TAG was established, Isle has built up an increasingly strong relationship with member water utilities, meeting with them regularly to understand their challenges so that we can bring them targeted technological solutions through TAG. The geographical, social, economic and political aspects of each country make the scope of the technology search wide and the remit of the group limitless.

The TAG Process

Technology Search - Isle searches the globe for emerging technologies to match our TAG members’ needs. For TAG, the focus is typically on products that are market (or near market) ready.

Technology Selection - Isle provide a summary of 10 technologies and members vote on which ones they would like to see present.

TAG Meeting - The top 5 technology companies are invited to present at the TAG meeting.

Follow Up - Opportunities for trials and projects following the meeting are explored with interested members.

The Meeting Structure

At the meeting, attendees sit with other industry specialists to watch the five 15 minute presentations. After each presentation, there is a question and answer session with the presenter. This is followed by a private, member-only discussion about the presented technology.

Follow Up

Updates - At the end of the meeting, Isle shares updates from technology companies who presented at previous meetings.

Feedback - At the meeting, attendees are provided with a feedback form to fill out. Isle collates, anonymises and shares this feedback with the attendees and presenters.

Introductions - Through the feedback form, attendees can request a direct introduction with the presenter which Isle then facilitates.

Trials - Opportunities for trials and projects often arise during the TAG meetings. Isle explores these opportunities with interested members and collaborative trials can then be set up.


To find out more about the European TAG forum please contact Erin Zhang at erin.zhang@isleutilities.com.

TAG Europe Members

  • Brabant Water