TAG Europe

The Technology Approval Group (TAG) is a mainstay for the UK and wider European water sector since its emergence in 2005.

TAG meetings occur every four months and provide an opportunity for European water companies to collaboratively review emerging technologies. This leads to technology demonstrations, collaborative trials and the attraction of external investors to support the commercialisation of the technology.

Since TAG was established, Isle has built up an increasingly strong relationship with the UK water companies and a growing number of utilities in wider Europe. Isle meets regularly with key players in the industry to understand their challenges, allowing Isle’s team to target technological solutions to bring to TAG. The European TAG is an excellent opportunity to break boundaries in the water sector between EU member states. The dynamic at the meetings is one of collaboration, knowledge-sharing and enthusiasm to implement change through new technology solutions. The geographical, social, economic and political aspects of each country makes the scope of technology search wide and the remit of the group limitless.

TAG consists of a continuous, on-going programme of activities, such as collaborative trials and various consultancy projects, initiated by the TAG meetings. The TAG meeting takes place on consecutive days: day one focusing on drinking water treatment and distribution (European Water TAG) and day two focussing on wastewater collection and treatment (European Wastewater TAG).

To find out more about the European Water and Wastewater TAG forums please contact Ceris Van De Vyver at ceris.vandevyver@isleutilities.com

TAG Europe Members

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