Which industrial company doesn’t have a list of sustainability objectives? Carbon and water footprint reduction, less usage of chemicals, to meet increasingly tight legislative compliance? And with a short return on investment (ROI) please. iTAG is a new professional platform where industrial water experts meet and jointly assess novel water technologies for their businesses.

Each industrial company has sustainability objectives but it is typical that not all companies have the time to visit all the global trade shows, read every journal on the subject and invite all salesmen to site with that unique innovative solution to save water, energy and chemicals. At the same time, business developers of new innovative technologies have a hard time to draw the attention of these always extremely occupied industries. It was a catch 22 situation, until Isle has set up iTAG. Isle is a medium sized, worldwide operating consultancy that has bridged exactly that gap successfully over the past decade for more than 150 global utilities. With 40 highly educated water professionals located all over the globe, Isle scouts, assesses and selects new water related technologies for the municipal water and wastewater utilities. In 2016, Isle has started to offer this service to industries with water and sustainability challenges too.

Three times a year at iTAG-meetings (industrial Technology Approval Group) water specialists, sustainability/innovation managers and other experts from global industries gather. Some weeks prior to this meeting the members receive a list of the newest technological water related solutions which have been thoroughly vetted and compactly described by Isle’s experts. The members are invited to vote on the most promising technologies, which will be presented on the iTAG meeting. Over the last 10 years Isle has evaluated over 100 new technologies each year, varying from well protection technologies, treatment technologies, innovative sensors to cooling water technologies, wastewater solutions and novel ways to recover nutrients, sludge and energy.

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