Putting technology companies in direct contact with end users, strategic partners and investors.

Technology Approval Group

The global Technology Approval Group (TAG) programme represents a unique, no-cost opportunity for innovative companies. TAG is a forum for connecting innovators with technology scouts from large public and private sector organisations. Individually reaching out to these people through the normal channels is expensive and time consuming. Through TAG we bring them all together in one place, specifically to hear your pitch. There are regular TAG meetings in Europe, the US and Australia. The current themes are municipal and industrial water and wastewater.

The TAG programme is funded by the end-users, over 100 large organisations from around the world. Technology companies participate for free. Innovations are considered purely on technical and commercial merit.

  • Unique opportunity to connect directly with potential customers
  • Accelerated market uptake
  • Invaluable industry feedback
  • Advice and support from a global team of experienced innovation specialists
  • Access to a network of investors and strategic partners
Emerging Technologies
Emerging Technologies

What we are looking for

We are actively seeking companies like yours, with innovative ideas and technologies to:

  • Enhance performance
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve environmental outcomes
  • Boost customer/public relations

Generally speaking, the TAG programme is best suited to technologies that are market-ready or near-ready. However, we are still interested to hear about early-stage products. For topics of particular interest end-users do sometimes get involved early in the development process. If the time is not right for TAG we may be able to offer connections to funding or strategic partners.

The process

  • We will invite you to a teleconference for a detailed discussion of the TAG process and your product or solution.
  • You will be asked to provide a written submission summarising your technology, including the business case and unique selling point (approx. 600 words; template provided)
  • We will invite you to submit to one or more regional TAG processes, potentially culminating in presentations to expert technical panels made up of potential customers (TAG members)
  • After your presentation, we will arrange a feedback call and help you capitalise on any opportunities identified (follow up meetings, pilot trials, research partnerships, etc.)

    How to get involved

Please contact us:

What technology companies say about us

We were contacted by Isle in 2013 and since then we had opportunities to present our technology in the UK, Europe and the US. As a result we received valuable feedback from qualified experts, and made contacts which are turning into commercial leads. We were very pleased to work with Isle and their young and energetic team, and the process added tremendous value to our company. Good job Isle Utilities!

– Dan Angelescu, CEO and R&D Director, Fluidion SAS

Isle gave us unbelievable support and showed hands-on interest for our TAG presentation. Their professionalism, help and focus are unequalled, and their commitment to new technologies and the industries they serve is a blueprint for how business and innovation can thrive. Isle and the TAG forum is exceptional and one-of-a-kind! We know that working with Isle Utilities on an ongoing basis is not just smart, it’s critical. We look forward to a long, lasting and profitable relationship with Isle.

– Kelly McRae, Director of Business Development at BioCleaner

Isle Utilities have greatly helped us shape our message, focus our product and reach a clearer definition of what we do. We have found Isle’s TAG process useful as a trusty soundbox. Baseform’s solutions benefitted from exposure to potential partners in a positive and constructive frame of mind, abbreviating first-contact barriers and facilitating to-the-point communication.

- Sergio Coelho, Co-founder and CEO at Baseform