Cross Sector Innovation Group

Collaboration between sectors is vital to solving many technical, commercial and business challenges. Cross-sector collaboration is beginning to take place, from telecommunications partnering with electricity providers through to utilities collaborating with energy companies. There remains, however, the need for a space where organic knowledge sharing and the formation of partnerships is fostered.

We are inviting key decision makers and senior innovation leaders across complementary sectors to join the Cross Sector Innovation Group. The group brings together sector leaders to share innovation best practice and collaboratively review innovations that have cross-sector applications. It addresses a gap in the market, stimulating multi-sector cooperation and promoting strategic-level innovation.

The sectors involved range from transport to distillers, water utilities to airports. Our meetings are designed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing and include activities such as round-table discussions, topical insights, speed-networking and member case study presentations.

Previous meetings have explored:

  • Innovative Technology Adoption
  • Journeying to Net Zero
  • Asset Management
  • Fostering an Innovation Culture
  • Contingency Planning and Resilience

If you or your organisation would like to get involved we would love to hear from you.