Business Consulting

Isle offers a unique synergy between business and technology; our business consulting capabilities span visioning and strategy development through to implementation of business structure, operating model, processes, systems, emerging technology and innovation.

Isle has gained a reputation with our clients as a trusted and valued business consulting partner. We develop leading insights on the contemporary challenges facing the global water industry and evolve our services to provide solutions to these challenges.

Our experts understand the industry pressures associated with climate change, improved efficiency and productivity, funding of growth and asset renewal, increased customer centricity and affordability, and digital transformation.

We deliver engagements of varying scope and scale for urban, regional and rural water businesses, ranging from short and sharp strategy and diagnostic work, to major organisational design and efficiency reviews.

Isle’s core business consulting capabilities lie in:

Metric and Process Benchmarking

Rising input costs, more competitive industry structures, lower pricing and higher customer expectations have placed increasing emphasis on efficiency and productivity for all water businesses. Our proven metric and process benchmarking methodologies and tools make it possible to deliver measurable uplift in cost and service performance at an organisational, business unit, team, and individual level.

Organisational Diagnostic

Water businesses operate in complex environments, where organisations must complement regulatory, institutional and customer arrangements. Water businesses must therefore continually review and refresh their organisational structure and operating models to accommodate shifts in government and customer requirements, and meet the imperatives of innovation and technological advances. Our organisational diagnostic and design tools can provide a clear pathway to creating an optimal organisation, matched to their environment.

Intelligent Water Networks

Many water businesses are seeing the need to evolve to an Intelligent Water Network to deal with increasing stakeholder expectations, to leverage advances in digital technology, big data and analytics, and deal with emerging water business models, non-traditional competition and changing regulatory obligations. Our Digital Metering and Intelligent Water Network Business Case Models have been developed with world class water businesses and contain contemporary insights on the drivers of
successful Intelligent Water Networks.

Digital Utility Maturity Index (DUMI)

Our Digital Utility Maturity Index (DUMI) employs a survey of sixty (60) on-line questions covering the digital utility aspects of people, process and technology across all functional areas of your water business. The DUMI will identify gaps in a water business’ digital maturity from where it stands today to where it wants to be, and importantly, against its industry peers. Our maturity tools clearly demonstrate to decision makers the areas requiring investment in order to transition to a successful digital utility.