SpaceBuzz – Why everyone should be an ambassador for planet Earth.

SpaceBuzz – Why everyone should be an ambassador for planet Earth.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

This time last month we shared the entries of team Isle who wished to be launched into space* to experience both weightlessness and G-Force, accompanied by the company SpaceBuzz.
Explaining about a weightlessness flight is helpful to comprehend why it is lovingly dubbed “The Vomit Comet”. To begin, the aircraft climbs at a pitch angle of 45 degrees. The sensation of weightlessness happens at the moment the plane reduces thrust and lowering the nose to maintain a “zero lift”, configuration. Weightlessness begins while ascending and lasts all the way “up-and-over the hump”, until the craft reaches a downward pitch angle of around 30 degrees, and purposefully stalls. At this point, the craft is pointing downward at high speed and must begin to pull back into the nose-up attitude to repeat the manoeuvre… 15 times in row, thus gaining its notorious name.
Shaunna, Isle’s Business and Marketing manager, won this unique opportunity and rocketed off to Bordeaux, one of three places around the world that partake in such daredevil flights. Aside from Shaunna, the link between Isle and space might be tenuous so, we thought we’d use the opportunity to explain a bit about SpaceBuzz, and why everyone should rally behind their program.
Simply put, SpaceBuzz’s global approach is needed to change the treatment of our home planet. Their mission is to use the ‘overview effect’ experienced by astronauts who have seen Earth from space, to create a change in perception among the next generation. Encouraged by ESA astronaut André Kuipers, this program helps children around the world realise both the beauty and the fragility of our planet and make them ambassadors of planet Earth. They do this through an extensive Space educational program of lessons, Isle has helped to fund the program and have also put together lesson plans on the topic of water.

Above is a photo of Shaunna with André and, a great image of what happens to blue tinted water in zero gravity.

Shaunna reported no vomiting and said “for me, stranger than the weightlessness was the G-Force impact on your body. When astronauts in rockets are launched into space, they experience 1.3G’s, in the vomit comet you experience 1.5G’s. The sensation on your body is indescribable and, as it turns out, incomprehensible for those who haven’t experienced it. Whilst in Bordeaux, I also had the opportunity to find out about SpaceBuzz’s plan of education domination and what a fantastic program it is. Getting the next generation to become planet ambassadors and teaching them global impacts and consequences in an exciting and engaging way might have the chance to stop our sickly planet from deteriorating further”.
It’s been a busy few months for Shaunna in particular, astronaut training aside, she’d only just come back from working in Zambia for Clearwater Farms. From Zambia to Zero Gravity in one month is an interesting work combination.
To read more about SpaceBuzz, please visit:
*not space but the anti-gravity “vomit comet” that has also just been visited by Usain Bolt.