The Isle CAT wizard launched Q1-2017

The Isle CAT wizard launched Q1-2017

Monday, 3 October 2016

​Supported by a group of leading drinking water utilities, Isle Utilities starts the development of an online tool for the selection and comparison of condition assessment technologies: The Isle CAT wizard which will be launched Q1 2017.

Aging underground infrastructure is globally of highest concern to many drinking water utilities. Therefore, pipeline condition assessment is an increasingly important and urgent part of the asset management strategy to cope with older underground water distribution networks.

A good thing is that more and more condition assessment technologies (CAT) come to market. But how to pick the right technology for the job?

On one hand every pipeline has its typical characteristics like material, diameter, location etc. And on the other hand there are dozens different technologies to assess the condition of a pipeline. High resolution, low resolution, connected to a cable, free swimming, ultrasonic, eddy current, acoustic, visual, intrusive, non-intrusive etc etc etc.

Testing and piloting of condition assessment technologies is time consuming and expensive. While there are probably enough other utilities that would be willing to share their experiences with you.

To help global water utilities to find, select and assess easily the best technologies for their pipeline inspection, Isle develops the Isle CAT wizard. The Isle CAT wizard is an online accessible tool with a comprehensive and continuously updated online database of all drinking water pipeline condition assessment technologies.

Each technology is characterized in a standardised and objective way accompanied with user reviews from other utilities. Water distribution or asset management experts can compare
technologies based on basic factual characteristics and user reviews/ratings.

Simplified impression of the Isle CAT wizard
Simplified impression of the Isle CAT wizard

Want to learn more about the Isle CAT wizard, please contact our Head of Industrial Water: Erik Driessen