Orange County Water District Joins Global Collaborative PFAS Project

Orange County Water District Joins Global Collaborative PFAS Project

Friday, 8 May 2020

While a global concern, the response to PFAS across geographies differ. There are many efforts in parallel around research, policy, and piloting of solutions; therefore, Isle is taking a leading role to synthesize qualified research and facilitate an independent review of emerging and market-ready solutions. Supported by the industry’s leading water utilities, this unique effort will establish a collaborative forum for exchange of best practice and experience between peers. This effort is aimed to provide an independent and current summary of the existing developments that will allow water utility leaders to be better informed, whether tied to communications with their customers or leveraging the experience of colleagues that support the major investment in PFAS treatment systems.

“We’re excited to have Orange County Water District, which is leading the nation’s largest pilot program on PFAS, as a foundational partner in this effort. We are looking forward to highlighting their work as an integral part of this project and creating the space for utilities to share experiences and best practices.”

- Cristina Ahmadpour, President, Isle Utilities (Americas)

“Orange County is looking forward to learning about alternative solutions that may be a candidate for our piloting program that will benefit our retail agencies and our water utility peers around the world.”

- Mike Markus, General Manager, Orange County Water District


About Isle Utilities

Isle is a leading global consultancy specialized in technology and innovative best practices with a mission to accelerate innovation in the water sector. Isle does this by supporting end users to identify, evaluate and implement emerging technologies and by establishing collaborative forums for knowledge exchange between peers. Isle is an independent partner to >70 water utilities in the US and 300 globally. Isle’s brings a unique economies-of-scale approach to solving shared challenges and interests that manage risk, save time, and resources and drive value for organizations, communities, and external partnerships. Water and wastewater service providers interested in participating in the collaborative PFAS project facilitated by Isle may contact Cristina Ahmadpour at

About Orange County Water District

The Orange County Water District (OCWD) is an internationally recognized leader in the water industry and its international reach is growing. OCWD is located in Orange County, California and manages a large groundwater basin which provides 77% of the total water demands for more than 2.5 million people in this arid region. OCWD not only manages and replenishes the basin, but also ensures water reliability and quality, prevents seawater intrusion, and protects Orange County’s rights to Santa Ana River water. OCWD also operates the worlds largest potable reuse project, the Groundwater Replenishment System, which produces 100 million gallons per day (378,500 cubic meters per day) of water that is then recharged back into the groundwater basin.