Melbourne Water Innovation Competition

Melbourne Water Innovation Competition

Thursday, 27 September 2018

INNOVATION COMPETITION: Reducing Scope 1 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Passionate about fighting climate change? Melbourne Water invites you to join their contest for innovative ways to reduce or eliminate Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions (methane and nitrous oxide) from their wastewater treatment plants.

Melbourne Water in Victoria, Australia makes a vital contribution to the city’s lifestyle by underpinning human health, enhancing community well-being, supporting economic growth and balancing the natural and man-made environment. The organisation is responsible for the supply of affordable, high-quality water, reliable sewerage, healthy waterways, integrated drainage and flood management services and cooler greener spaces, helping make greater Melbourne a fantastic place to live.

This competition gives you the opportunity to submit your ideas to Melbourne Water to reduce emissions and share in a prize pool totaling $200,000 (AUD) if your idea is selected. For more information and how to apply please go to:

Ideas are welcome in:

A. Emissions measurement and modelling, for example:

• Atmospheric measurement of emissions from the treatment plant

• Measurement of dissolved methane and nitrous oxide in wastewater

• Process computer modelling and identifying key influences on emissions

B. Optimisation of existing wastewater treatment processes, for example:

• Process covers, emission capture and treatment

• Real-time control system for process optimisation to minimise emissions

• Alternative process configurations

• Side-stream nutrient removal that result in emission reduction

C. Wastewater treatment processes of the future, for example:

• Decoupling nitrogen removal from aerobic processes

• Algae processes

• Decentralised treatment

• Anaerobic processes

Evaluation criteria:

• Being conceptually and technically sound

• The solution’s effectiveness

• The relevance and ease of integration into the existing wastewater treatment plants

• Any added value

• Financial viability

• Track record and key personnel experience

Register your early interest in participating in the contest and be advised of key dates by emailing: