Isle to Showcase TAG at IWA-IDB Conference in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Isle to Showcase TAG at IWA-IDB Conference in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Friday, 2 August 2019

The water sector is undergoing rapid technological advancements, and there are great efficiencies to be gained when paired with staff training and development. However, technology selection in water systems often follows biased criteria, and operators should be aware of the most appropriate technological options to achieve their operational goals while complying with existing regulations.

Updated information of available technologies should be accessible to allow the right selection of technological solutions guided by regulatory requirements, user needs, and cost-effectiveness. A better understanding of the capital, maintenance, and operation costs of the different technologies would help operators to select lower cost technologies

Isle is supporting the efforts of the Inter-American Development Bank to create the right framework for innovation in the water sector in Latin America. As part of this effort, an innovation workshop will be organized during the IWA-IDB Innovation Conference on Sustainable Use of Water: Cities, Industry and Agriculture, happening on September 30-October 3 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The workshop will provide selected technology companies with the opportunity to present their products and create the opportunity to interact with Latin America’s leading water utilities.

The workshop will be organized with 5-6 technology companies selected in consultation with IDB experts and based on the criteria and priorities of water utilities in Latin America. The technologies will be invited to this workshop, where they will present their products to a diverse group that includes international water industry experts, water company technicians, and the general conference participants.

With this event, Isle wants to convey the effectiveness of its Technology Approval Group (TAG) to support the adoption of water technologies in Latin America. The TAG approach has been successfully tested in other regions around the world, aligning the objectives of water utilities and facilitating the path from learning about technologies, to testing them, all the way to technology adoption. This is supported by collaborative themes and the exchange of the best international knowledge and practices.

We looking forward to sharing TAG in Guayquil!