Isle Inc. Partners with SplashLink to Help Promote Emerging Technology Solutions for U.S. Communitie

Isle Inc. Partners with SplashLink to Help Promote Emerging Technology Solutions for U.S. Communitie

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Palo Alto, November, 29, 2016 – SplashLink, the online platform built exclusively for the water industry, and Isle Inc., the North Americandivision of Isle Utilities, are pleased to announce a formal partnership to support Isle stakeholders with access to SplashLink’s marketplace of bids, projects and funding opportunities as well as a searchable database of industry expertise.

“We’re thrilled to advocate the great work SplashLink is doing to create an affordable platform for watertechnologies and water utilities alike. Access to industry bids, projects and
funding opportunities all in one place disrupts business as usual. Likewise, this exposes an emerging technology company or service provider to projects as well as funding sources that may be available,” said Cristina Ahmadpour, President of Isle Inc. at Isle Utilities.

“Isle Inc. is a key champion for helping U.S. water utilities independently learn about qualified emerging technologies based on their most pressing challenges, helping technology companies find those early adopters that are so critical to accelerating innovation in the marketplace,” said Ebie Holst, CEO of SplashLink. ”Isle’s focus on high-level service, rigor and customized support for key market stakeholders is a great match with the online tools we offer to stakeholders to navigate the industry. Partnering with Isle Inc. is a natural fit!”

Isle Utilities Technology Approval Group (TAG) was established in the United States in 2010. This group of water and wastewater professionals convene to discuss the approval and adoption of emerging, innovative technologies. The partnership between Isle Utilities and SplashLink will not only accelerate how new-technology companies bring products
to market, but enable them to see where projects are taking place to gain insights on market demand, as well as the necessary funding opportunities to develop and refine industry solutions.

SplashLink is offering promo code IsleUSA-Splash60 to Isle partners for a 60-day trial to SplashLink services.

About SplashLink

SplashLink ( is the first online marketplace to support an entire range of project, financing, and sourcing needs for the highly fragmented and increasingly stressed global water industry. Whether dealing with industrial process water, municipal infrastructure, or drought adaptation, SplashLink enables water-solution buyers and sellers quick and easy “one-stop shop” access to funding, collaboration, and bidding opportunities.