Isle expands iTAG

Isle expands iTAG

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Isle’s global consultants have been delivering strategic studies, technology horizon scans and TAG events to over 160 water and wastewater utilities. In the past few years we have started working for leading industrial companies too. Firstly, by starting the industrial TAG events across Europe. Most recent iTAG meeting took place in Bologna Italy and upcoming 9th edition will be organised in Brussels.

Next to iTAG Isle has delivered a growing number of consultancy projects to industrial companies in 2018. Like a comprehensive study on Green Cooling Water treatment technologies for Shell Global Solutions that was well received according to Georg Stockinger, Senior Water Treatment & Integration Technologist at Shell Global Solutions. See full testimonial below.

With growing challenges in the industrial water space like increasingly stringent legislation, climate change and sustainability ambitions Isle decided to expand the industrial team of consultants and business developers. As per 1s tNovember we have industrial consultants located in Italy, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands and United Kingdom speaking a variety of languages. This team together with global support of over 50 water, wastewater, environmental experts is very excited to support the industry fulfilling their environmental challenges in 2019 and beyond!

Georg Stockinger, Senior Water Treatment & Integration Technologist at Shell Global Solutions on the Green Cooling Water study delivered in 2018 by Isle Industry.

“Already in 2016, the Isle Utilities team discussed the option of a Horizon scan as an additional offering. Due to a specific question from one of our major assets of how to reduce our chemical footprint and improve their Cooling Tower performance, considering their operational challenges, we started discussing the possibility of studying “green” cooling water treatment technologies. The Isle team was very responsive to our specific needs. We were not looking for a long list of technologies with just generic descriptions, hence we spent a lot of time in defining the scope and key performance indicators that we wanted to have assessed by Isle. This they used as ranking criteria for the long and short lists of technologies. Furthermore, based on our request, Isle also delivered a report-out in the format that we describe external technologies and an expert opinion on the different shortlisted technologies. The findings were presented to a wider internal audience and well received, with the question whether we could do this more often with varying levels of accuracy (quick checks to extensive scans). To be continued”