Isle brings the 1GLD Water Efficiency Challenge to IWA Efficient 2019

Isle brings the 1GLD Water Efficiency Challenge to IWA Efficient 2019

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Metro Pacific Water (MPW) and Maynilad are proud to announce their partnership with global innovation firm Isle Utilities at the IWA Efficient 2019 conference. The workshop entitled “The 1 Giga-Liters per Day (GLD) Water Efficiency Challenge” will be held on January 17th (Thursday), 9am to 1pm at the Marriott Grand Ballroom.

The session will feature six step-change innovations that can collectively achieve the aspirational target of saving 1GLD, or 1,000,000 cubic meters per day. These solutions include:

  • Plugging small pipe leaks using a pea-sized device, without excavation;
  • Minimizing water loss during treatment while removing iron and manganese;
  • Highly sensitive sensors for monitoring pipeline condition and leak detection;
  • Smart metering and behavioral change;
  • Satellite and geospatial analytics for intelligent, integrated decision-making; and
  • Smart pressure management to reduce NRW and power consumption.

Since 2015, the partnership of MPW, Maynilad and Isle has staged market-leading innovation events such as the Water Technology Summit and Confluence forum. The team has also supported the conduct of collaborative trials for piloting water technologies in the Philippines.

Seats for the workshop are limited. Please indicate your interest to attend by emailing Yang Villa at and Monica Bennett at