Global cross-sector collaboration on Brine Treatment Technologies

Global cross-sector collaboration on Brine Treatment Technologies

Sunday, 28 July 2019

6 industrial multinationals and 4 leading water utilities have joined forces to identify and accelerate the uptake of innovative technologies to treat brines, the reject of membrane and other separation technologies. The global project led by Isle kicked off in June and will be finalised in September 2019.

Fresh water availability is an increasing global challenge which is no longer exclusively relevant to certain areas in the world. Corporate ambitions to decrease water footprints and increase the reuse of water is driving the search for innovative technologies. Legislative developments are also forcing industries and water utilities to reduce their liquid discharge to ultimately zero.

Isle’s global TAG platforms have presented technologies treating brines and other concentrated streams. During this collaborative project, Isle will carry out an extensive study on the different types of technologies treating brines and concentrated streams using our proven Horizon Scanning methodology and independently compare all solutions on a broad range of criteria indicated by the project participants.

Desalination and brine treatment is a topic of broad interest which is clearly demonstrated by the wide variety of project participants: Procter & Gamble, ABInBev, Anglo American, Shell Global Solutions, WLN water research, Water Utilities Vitens from the Netherlands, FCC Aqualia from Spain, De Watergroep from Belgium and a multinational beverages company.

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