From gloomy Melbourne to scorching Yeppoon

From gloomy Melbourne to scorching Yeppoon

Friday, 20 October 2017

From gloomy Melbourne to scorching Yeppoon - our Australian colleague Karen Clode (who many of you know hails from our UK team) embarked on an adventure at the end of last month when she presented at the inaugural Central Queensland Trade Waste Interest Group. We were delighted to be invited by our friends (and TWIG host) Livingstone Shire Council; Karen in particular was eager to explore the Australian countryside and pristine coastline, no less! We asked Karen three questions to exemplify her visit, and these were her responses:

What was the best part about traveling to Yeppoon: “Meeting some of the group the night before, getting a chance to learn something about them and the region (the warmth and sunshine after chilly Melbourne was good too!)

What surprised you most during the trip: “That with an aging population, morgues are an increasingly difficult source of trade waste to deal with.

What is the most unique aspect of trade waste in a region like Central Queesland? “One trade waste solution does not fit all - the councils have the foresight to work one-on-one with their customers to find alternative / flexible solutions to suit the situation.”