FOG Control and FOG collection: A joined up approach

FOG Control and FOG collection: A joined up approach

Monday, 2 October 2017

Isle, with support from Abertay University, are undertaking a project for UKWIR to provide the UK Water Industry with a clear strategy for better controlling discharges of Fats, Oils and Greases (FOG) to sewer, and to facilitate the use of FOG as a resource. This work will provide the Industry with a clear roadmap for improving FOG management from the short to long term.

There are three sections of work, as illustrated by the following diagram

Interviews with UK water and sewerage companies (WaSC) have been undertaken to capture their approaches to FOG control and collection. Utilising Isle’s global network, a review of best practice across the world has also been completed.

The project team are now looking at how best FOG can be collected and used, with innovative tools and techniques being reviewed by Isle. Abertay’s expertise in the development of visualisation tools, apps and games in the field of sustainability means that they are able to provide an insight into the potential for the use of such tools in FOG management.

Together the work on control and collection will drive the development of the strategy, with tangible actions being recommended in the short, medium and long term and at the national and water company level.

The work began in May 2017 and will be completed by March next year.