Feasibility Assessment on Sludge Mono‐Incineration

Feasibility Assessment on Sludge Mono‐Incineration

Monday, 29 July 2019

Isle was commissioned by Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe (Netherlands) to undertake a feasibility assessment study to determine the planning and construction of a small scale sewage sludge mono-incineration plant. Several relevant mono-incineration operators and suppliers in Europe were interviewed and a horizon scan with phosphorus recovery technologies was issued to give Vallei en Veluwe an overview over the latest developments and technologies worldwide.

The project was successfully completed in May 2019 and Isle received the following feedback from Arjan Budding, Senior Policy Advisor for the water chain at Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe:

Due to the rapidly changing market in NW Europe for WWTP sludge end-disposal Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe has asked ISLE Utilities to assess the feasibility of small scale incineration of WWTP sludge. Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe wanted to assess the possibility to incorporate a mono incinerator into a regional heat net, using the thermal potential of sludge as a fuel source.

The Isle team quickly picked up our question and helped us to making it more specific and problem oriented. They suggested a phased approach we gave us the confidence to become more specific during the process and not requiring a precisely defined research goal at start-up. Furthermore they suggested to also use present end-user experience into account which proved to be very useful for us.

Working from a long to small list of possible technologies we received a well readable and understandable report on feasibility aspects of mono-incineration installations for WWTP sludges. The study performed by Isle has helped us to make a well balanced valuation for our future sludge end-disposal measures.