Collaborative trial on innovative water technology at Evides is a huge success

Collaborative trial on innovative water technology at Evides is a huge success

Friday, 6 May 2016

Under a wonderful blue sky, in the fields near Rotterdam over 30 people from The Netherlands and the UK witnessed a demonstration undertaken by water company Evides with an innovative pipeline inspection technology from Pure Technologies. Besides the lovely weather and highly innovative technology it was a special event since the demonstration was collaboratively sponsored by 12 water utilities from over the entire globe, facilitated by Isle Utilities.

Innovation naturally comes with the (financial) risk of trying the unknown. Water utility Evides has been willing to take these risks but has asked Isle Utilities to reach out to interested utilities in its network of over 120 water utilities worldwide, to sponsor this demo and get access to the results.

12 of the most forward thinking utilities have participated in this collaborative trial undertaken by Evides, and they’re truly from all around the globe:

From Australia: Yarra Valley Water, Seq Water, Unity Water, Gold Coast Water, and Water Corporation

From the United Kingdom: Severn Trent Water, Anglian Water, and Welsh Water

From the Netherlands: Waternet, Vitens, WML, and PWN

As follow-up of the regular TAG meetings where new water technologies are brought forward to the TAG members, Isle organizes several collaborative trials a year that basically kill two (or even three) birds with one stone:

1 The financial risk for the hosting utility is partly being shared;

2 The sponsoring utilities can conveniently learn from the experiences;

3 The technology company can demonstrate its innovation to a group of potential customers at once.

In the weeks to come Evides and Pure Technologies will process the assessment data and report to sponsoring utilities from within Isle’s network. Using pipeline condition assessment tools help utilities like Evides to support asset management decisions on their underground infrastructure.

Pure Technologies' Pipediver tool
Pure Technologies’ Pipediver tool