An UKWIR report on GAC management to meet future water quality standards is now available

An UKWIR report on GAC management to meet future water quality standards is now available

Monday, 21 August 2017

The UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) Ltd “GAC management (and alternative technologies) to meet future water quality standards” project has been completed by Isle Utilities Ltd.*

Limited guidelines and benchmarking are currently available to the water companies in the United Kingdom on GAC and GAC/ozone management. Best practices for both operation and procurement are lacking, thus limiting the opportunity and capability to optimise GAC filter operation and asset planning. In addition, the presence of emerging contaminants such as metaldehyde requires the industry to better understand and investigate the impact on GAC filter run times and the potential of alternative solutions and technologies available in the market.

The purpose of this project was to gather information to help optimise GAC system performance and to inform the selection of water treatment strategies to deal with the threats posed by emerging pesticides.

This UKWIR project produced:

  1. A ‘Guidance Manual’ which presents a critical review of water companies’ use of GAC (and ozone) over the past 20 years to identify best practices, in tandem with a review of available alternative design, monitoring and management solutions; it included the key parameters of interest, as they were identified, regarding current and future challenges faced within drinking water treatment.
  2. A report ‘Review of emerging adsorption media and advanced oxidation processes’, which identified 26 technologies and determined whether these technologies could provide a cost-effective solution to water quality issues; and to design an information framework for developers, manufacturers and suppliers.

The project was presented to the water industry, represented by water company operations managers, asset managers, investment planners, water quality scientists, process scientists at an Innovation Technology Transfer chaired by John Haley (Yorkshire Water) in London (6/12/2016).

To learn more about this project you can find the final report at UKWIR you can also contact:

· Dr Blanca Antizar (, Project Manager

· Lena Heinrich (, GAC management.

· Karyn Georges (, Alternative technologies.

* The University of Brighton contributed to this project as subcontractor.

UKWIR Reference: 17/DW/14/15; ISBN: 1 84057 828 9; Published Date: 31/07/2017

UKWIR was set up by the UK water industry in 1993 to provide a framework for the procurement of a common research programme for UK water operators on ‘one voice’ issues. UKWIR’s members comprise 20 water and sewerage undertakers in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.