Water Innovation Living Lab (WILL)

Water Innovation Living Lab

Will is an accelerator program for the Water Sector in Italy. It aims to accelerate the rate of innovation development and adoption against specific challenges that the sector is facing. If you have an early stage business, or are looking to start one, that can contribute to solving the challenges we are investigating, WILL can help you!

Following acceptance on the program, you will be supported through an intensive 16 week training course and bespoke coaching program from industry experts to progress your vision, product, business model, investor pitch and personal network. Find more information in this video.

If you are an applicant and you are enquiring who has been accepted in the program, please check your inbox. We are reviewing the proposals but due to high volume of applicants we aim to come back to everyone by the 29th of December.

Who are we?

WILL is a collaborative ecosystem of key innovation stakeholders from within the Italian water sector. Find below more information on each stakeholder, and a video in which they share why they strongly believe in the WILL program.

Bonomi Group is a leading manufacturer of ball valves for gas, water, air and other uses. In WILL, Bonomi decided to give support to the growing water sector by sponsoring the Program. Bonomi wants to be part of the emerging technologies development and share insights on their technical, business and market experience to ensure the success of the most brilliant initiatives. Click here for the video.

Isle Utilities is a water consultancy company, recognised as a leading catalyst in bringing technology, end-users and investors together. Isle advances the adoption of emerging technologies and innovative practices creating value for stakeholders and a positive impact on the world around us. Isle coordinates the WILL and, thanks to its network, will disseminate technological results, and identify possible new evolutions of the incubator concept in line with market requirements. Click here for the video.

CSMT is an innovative contamination hub in Brescia that creates, strengthens, enhances and develops resources and projects together with its stakeholders, bringing together expertise from the academic and research worlds, spin-offs and start-ups, companies, associations and institutions. CSMT will support the WILL by providing spaces for meetings and co-working. It will also contribute to the coaching session activities with its own expertise and resources in the Technology Transfer Engineering and Financing area. Click here for the video.

Acque Bresciane S.r.l SB is the utility in charge of the Integrated Water Service the Province of Brescia, providing drinking water supply and sewer network in 97 municipalities. The utility invests in the technological development and research of tools that allow to manage the Integrated Water Service in a more efficient and sustainable way. They will cooperate in the WILL by making its own premises and the use of facilities and networks available for experimentation: Click here for the video.

University of Brescia has always been committed to the continuous improvement of research both at national and international level, to the development of its human capital and to the support of scientific training in doctoral courses. In WILL, they will undertake the seminars with the support of their Professors: Click here for the video.

Selection Criteria

The application form highlights those questions that are assessed.

These questions will be reviewed by our panel our panel who will be looking to determine:

  • Those that can demonstrate commitment to their venture
  • Those whose ventures hold commercial promise within the water sector
  • Those whose ventures make the biggest contribution to the challenges we publish

Entries will be judged by experts from Isle utilities. Isle utilities holds experts across multiple topic domains so you can be confident that your application will be assessed by someone experienced within the relevant field for your solution.

Once each expert has assessed the entries a moderation meeting will be held across all judges to remove any bias and ensure the most promising applicants are selected.