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Isle Utilities è la società di consulenza tecnologica nel settore dell'acqua leader a livello mondiale. Isle vanta una solida esperienza a sostegno dell'introduzione e della commercializzazione di tecnologie emergenti e della formulazione di partnership strategiche tra utenti finali e fornitori di tecnologie. Il nostro obiettivo è favorire la collaborazione tra utility e offrire la nostra consulenza indipendente per identificare, valutare e adottare le migliori tecnologie e pratiche di gestione nel settore idrico.

Who we are

We are a global team of scientists, engineers, business and regulation experts, with the common goal of achieving a positive social, economic and environmental impact through the development of innovative technologies and best practices.

Founded in 2010 to break down the barriers that prevent technologies from entering the water industry, Isle has reviewed over 6,000 technologies and has stored over 3,500 in its database over the past few years. Over 250 of the world’s most forward-thinking companies dealing with drinking water and wastewater are members of the Technology Approval Group (TAG), the forum through which we foster collaboration between water service managers and help them identify, evaluate and adopt innovative technologies.

Services offered and consulting projects

Isle regularly conducts consulting and training to support utilities in addressing their challenges in identifying and adopting emerging technologies. Our approach is tailored to the needs of each client and to the specific project.

Our main capabilities are:

  • Identify and evaluate innovative technological solutions and best practices.
  • Provide advice and training on innovation and management of water systems.
  • Facilitate relationships and accelerate the development and commercialization of technologies by coordinating, managing and developing projects in the field of innovation.
  • Develop relationships with heterogeneous groups of stakeholders.
  • Identify and evaluate, qualitatively and quantitatively, market opportunities.

Technology Approval Group

The Technology Approval Group (TAG) brings together end users to evaluate emerging technologies in the water industry, identify opportunities and collaborate in their research or implementation. It is an innovation forum to collaboratively examine emerging technologies in a peer-to-peer environment , increasing knowledge transfer and resource sharing opportunities to support the adoption of innovative technologies.

Isle runs TAG forums around the world, dedicated to water service operators - Water & Wastewater TAG (with over 150 members worldwide, around 40 in Europe), on the topic of urban resilience and adaptation to the impacts of climate change - Urban Resilience TAG, and for industrial companies (iTAG).

The activities of the TAG forums are summarized as follows:

  • Isle is constantly looking for emerging technologies that meet the needs and ambitions of TAG members by conducting independent due diligence work.
  • TAG meeting: 3 times a year, Isle proposes a list of around 10 technologies to TAG members, who vote for the most relevant ones. The (approximately 5) most voted technologies are invited to the TAG meeting, where presentations by technology companies take place, followed by questions and answers, a guided discussion among TAG members and an evaluation with standard feedback collection (SWOT analysis ).
  • Following the meetings, Isle proposes follow-up activities, such as collaborative trials and consultancy projects.

More information on TAG: link

Consulting projects

Leveraging our global network of experts, end users and manufacturers of innovative technologies, we offer advice and support to our clients to address their innovation challenges. Our main consulting services are:

  • Support in defining industrial plans and water systems efficiency strategies, based on international best practices and the best technologies available.
  • Technological Horizon Scan: research of the technologies available on the market for specific applications, with the collection of standard information for each solution, to facilitate comparison and adoption.
  • Technology Expo: facilitation of contacts with technology companies and organization of dedicated meetings / workshops, in which to present and evaluate the most relevant solutions for specific applications.
  • Support in the organization, definition and execution of pilot tests of emerging technologies.
  • Provide market information to technology manufacturers by improving the marketing process through a
  • greater dialogue and understanding of the needs of potential customers.

Selection of consulting projects carried out for Italian managers

  • Training and consultancy on best practices, KPI calculation and definition of the best intervention strategies for the reduction of water losses.Isle has provided advice to several Italian managers to support them in defining and implementing the necessary steps to optimally reach and monitor water loss reduction targets. The projects included: staff training on international best-practice methodologies, analysis and comparison of initial performance, identification of the most critical water systems and the mix of priority activities (e.g. pressure management, districting, leak detection, reduction of apparent losses, meters, etc.) to be implemented to reach the targets set by ARERA, identification of organizational improvement needs and innovative technologies that can support optimal loss management.
  • Assistance in the design of smart metering systems. Isle has provided advice to various Italian operators to support them in the design of a smart metering system and in the definition of tender specifications for the identification and purchase of smart utility meters, including the remote data transmission system, and software. management and analysis of remote reading data. The project involved the analysis of the solutions offered by the main manufacturing companies in the market, the collection of standard technical and commercial information on each product, the comparison of the various solutions, the analysis of the experiences and practices adopted by other managers.
  • Consultancy on asbestos cement pipes. Support to an Italian manager in the definition of replacement / renewal strategies for asbestos cement pipes. The project envisaged: i) a summary of best practices at a global level, through a review of international literature and interviews with water service managers, on various topics (effects on health for consumers and workers, condition assessment strategies, replacement / renewal of pipes in asbestos cement, safety practices during operations); ii) Technological Horizon Scan to identify and evaluate the best technologies to repair, maintain and rehabilitate asbestos cement pipes in an efficient, fast and effective way.
  • Artificial Intelligence Horizon Scan . Project carried out with 18 utilities from eight countries (EU, USA, Australia) to provide an overview of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies available on the market. The objective of the study was to understand the potential and opportunities deriving from the implementation of these technologies, as well as to provide support in the adoption of the most suitable solutions. Research has identified over 90 technologies, with different fields of application. Standard information was acquired for each to facilitate their assessment.

More information about our services: link



  • March 12, 2021 (online), Webinar organized by Energia Media: ‘Relationship between territorial development and innovation in the water sector, between digitization and new business models’. Proceedings and videos available at the following link
  • 30-31 March 2021 (online), Aquality Forum 2021 - Smart Water Grid: the Digital Management of Assets and Infrastructures in the IIS - link
  • 8-9 April 2021 (online), seminar organized by Irisacqua “Water: a future to be built without asbestos cement”: proceedings and videos available at the following link
  • 9-11 September 2021 (online), Higher Training School on Water Systems Management - International Best Practices, Monitoring, Technologies, Case Studies. Program and information at the following link
  • 7 October 2021, IX National Seminar ‘Technologies for the Diagnosis of Long Adductor’ at Accadueo, Bologna: Program and further information at the following link
  • October 8, 2021, WaterIDEAS 2021 Conference ‘Driving technological and cultural innovation in the water sector: the opportunities of the Recovery Plan’ at Accadueo, Bologna: Video presentation at the following link . Program and further information at the following link


  • March 15, 2022 (online), free webinar organized by IKN Italia ‘Green Transition Cycle’ - ‘National and international case studies to frame the methodologies for the reuse of waste water and the production of sludge’. Registration and further information at the following link
  • 16-17 March 2022 (online), European Water and Wastewater TAG 24
  • May 25-27, 2022, ‘Higher Training School on Water Systems Management’, scheduled in Ravenna at the event ‘Making accounts with the environment. Program and registration procedures will soon be available at the following link .

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