WISA Activated Sludge Online Training

Thursday 12 August, 2021
8:30am – 4:30pm



About the event

To register for this course contact Anita Pillay at training@wisa.org.za. The course fee is R3500 (ex. VAT) per person.

The Big Picture

Understand the importance of Activated Sludge in the wider context of Wastewater Treatment and its contributing benefits to energy-from-waste, climate change and economic impacts in relation to carbon tax.

Course Delivery and Context

This course has been designed for live on-line e-classroom delivery via Zoom, for interactive learning, in order to increase the learner’s awareness in specialist subject matter areas. It is part of the wider training Programme for Water Professionals facilitated by Isle.


Activated Sludge is part of the Secondary Treatment process of Wastewater Treatment and is a biological process using aeration and a biological floc composed of bacteria and protozoa.

Although over 100 years old, the course explores the maturation and various arrangements of Activated Sludge Plants that have emerged in response to stringent environmental and water quality guidelines.

Treatment process are directly compared in terms of the carbon and energy requirements alongside spatial footprints, in aid delegates in choosing the best technology on a site by site basis. The delegates are introduced to biological selectors and indicators which support nutrient removal, and their various advantages and disadvantages.

Troubleshooting and preventing common issues such as bulking and foaming are also explored along with virtual guidance on sampling and testing to ensure smooth operation of an Activated Sludge Plant.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for operators, managers, project managers, designers and optimisers and all those working in the wastewater sector to ensure that they are familiar with both the theoretical aspects as well as operational aspects. The course includes aspects of troubleshooting and operational conditions that may be prominent on site.

This course requires delegates to have a basic understanding of wastewater treatment processes.

Course Outcomes

• An understanding of the origins of activated sludge plants

• An understanding of the Activated Sludge process

• Advantages and disadvantages designing, installing and operating the plant

• Alternatives and adaptations to the basic Activated Sludge Plant

• An understanding of the operational issues and troubleshooting

• Discussion of relevant case studies,

• Exploration of innovate solutions and future scenarios

Delegate Course Requirements and Expectations

Training Platform: Zoom. Please ensure that you are able to access Zoom ahead of time. We will be happy to help you test this prior to the course.

Equipment: Laptop, with audio and visual capabilities (webcam enabled), smart phone and pen and paper

Assumed knowledge: A basic understanding of the water sector is assumed, and satisfactory equivalent of English and Maths capability is required to proceed.

Differently abled learners: At present we are sadly unable to offer courses that are suited for those who are vision impaired or suffer from hearing loss. We are working towards improving our service.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): The course syllabus will include a mandatory pre-reading list and optional post-reading. It will conclude with an online live test, and a Certificate of Attendance which can be used to claim ONE (1) CPD-points from WISA, SACNASP and ECSA will be awarded to successful learners.

Course fees and registration

Course fee is R3500 (ex. VAT) per person.

Discounts of 10% are available for WISA members and bona fide full time students, multiple course participation and group registrations (3 or more learners from the same organisation).

To register for this course contact Anita Pillay at training@wisa.org.za.

This course is open to all water professionals living and working in any of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries.

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