W-Lab Technology Showcase

Wednesday 11 November, 2020
9:00am – 2:00pm
Australia - Online



About the event


W-Lab is a network of water experts, innovators, and water authorities leveraging technology and innovation to secure the future of the industry.

Showcase Goal

“How might we explore new markets, recover value from waste, and understand the potential impacts of new products for our customers, our environment, and our business.”

Focus Areas

  • Core innovation focus
    • Energy efficiency
    • Decentralised grey water treatment
  • Adjacent innovation focus
    • Biogas generation efficiency
    • Nutrient recovery
  • Transformational innovation focus
    • Hydrogen and other energy products
    • Biorefinery and zero waste

Event Details

For further details see this link.


​For further enquiries please contact Alex Cech.


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